Graceallace, Viola

Viola Grace Wallace Submitted by: Patricia Berdene Horton Sutton

Grace was on the Dawes Indian Roll as one-fourth Choctaw with Roll #11317. She was born 2-4-1899 at Owl, I.T. and passed away 1-26-1977 in El Cajon, Ca. at age of 77 years. Grace was married to Charlie (Chock) Landreth and John Jesse (Pete) Horton. Chock and Grace had 4 children: Lloyd, Vernon Ezell, Alla Christine and John James Landreth. She and Pete had 3 children: Patricia Berdne, Lucinda Louise (Linda) and Johnola Jessica Horton. She attended school at Turkey creek, Wheelock Academy and Tuskahoma Female Academy. At Wheelock, she spoke of having piano lessons, learning to cook and clean plus her school lessons. Her motto was, “A job worth doing is worth doing right”. Mother was a homemaker. She was always telling us of her teachers and the rules she had to follow. She was always praising the schools she attended. Grace was born at Owl, I.T., to John Ford Wallace and Minervia Jane (McCoy) Wallace. Minervia Jane (Jenny) McCoy’s parents were Christopher McCoy, ½ breed Choctaw, and Lucinda (Springs) McCoy who was ½ Choctaw according to record at the BIA office in Muskogee, OK. John Ford Wallace was from Dime Box, TX. His parents were John Wallace and Louise McCoy. John was Scotch and Louisa was Irish. Jenny was from Goodland, I.T. and John Ford from Dime Box, TX. After John and Jenny were married, they were allotted land at Owl; I.T. Grandpa Wallace had to have the approval of the Choctaws stating that he was a good upstanding citizen. Their marriage license cost him $70. To this union was born: Mattie May, Clarence Emmitt, Myrtle, Viola Grace and Leona Wallace. My mother Grace always talked of her love for horses. Her horse had four white stocking feet and was very gentle. His name was “Old Joe”. She told of riding in a horse and buggy to Muddy Boggy then catching train to Atoka, OK. to shop. You could see her face glow when telling of riding to different places and to parties. She would tell us of things she and her cousin, Ethel McCarter, would do. Her papa raised thoroughbred Quarter horses on land leased in Coal County outside of the town of Centrahoma, OK. Mother loved to play with us children and teach us about the Bible. She was a member of the Church of Christ. Mother was laid to rest next to her baby son Lloyd Calloway Landreth, January 29, 1977 a Centrahoma, OK.