Goforth, Andrew

Andrew Goforth
Submitted by: Helen Goforth

My father, Andrew Goforth, Choctaw, Chickasaw, was born in Tishomingo, Oklahoma on April 23, 1898. He was a Mississippi Choctaw. He married Celia Mae Cox in Sulphur, Oklahoma on October 1, 1918. My father was a restricted Indian, with my grandfather on my mother’s side as his advisor. My grandfather signed to release his restrictions at age 22. My dad worked a lot for the WPA. My parents, Andrew and Celia Goforth, had ten children, nine girls and one boy. The last two were twin girls. He had two half-brothers, Luther Thornton and Fred Goforth. Luther died at age 18 during the 1918 flue epidemic. Fred lived in Atoka, Oklahoma. My father’s mother died when he was seven years old. My dad passed away at Roff, Oklahoma on April 19, 1971. The same month and day he was honorably discharged from the Army, April 19, 1942. I guess the most celebrated and athletic member of the Goforth family would be Andrew and Celia Goforth’s granddaughter, Elizabeth (Liz) Brown of Roff, Oklahoma. She broke a 16-year high school state record, 1987 her record was 4,281 points. She was Converse All-American 1987, Daily Oklahoman Player of the year 1987 and All-State 1987. She attended OSU on a scholarship for five years. While there she was a two time Big Eight Player of the Year, 1989-90 and 1990-91. She was Kodak All District and Kodak All-American Honorable Mention. Liz’s accomplishments in basketball were known statewide, also nationally. Thousands were known to attend her basketball games.