Garland, Willie

Willie Garland
Submitted by: Ross Helmer

Willie (Garland) Prentice, born October 12, 1905 to William Greenwood Garland and Mary Lavina (Beller) Garland in the community of Garland, Indian Territory. I have five brothers and five sisters, seven of which were original enrollees of the Choctaw Nation. I attended schools in Garland and Stigler and still live in Stiger, Oklahoma with my husband, Burl Prentice. I have two children: Hershel Murray Prentice, born January 10, 1926, and Billye Beryl (Prentice) Glover, born January 18, 1931. Three grandchildren are: Hershel Wayne Prentice, born September 14, 1949, Marianne Prentice, born February 25, 1953, and Shelley Susan (Glover) Bittick, born June 5, 1954. Prior to 1891, Joseph G. Garland, Sr., my grandfather, served as Judge of the San Bois District of the Choctaw Nation and his son, William Greenwood Garland, my father, was District Clerk. In 1891, Joseph G. Garland, Sr., was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Choctaw Nation and my father; William Greenwood Garland was promoted to fill his father’s vacancy as Judge of the San Bois District.