Garland, William Greenwood

William Greenwood Garland
Submitted by: Ronald “Dek” Prentice

William Greenwood Garland was born March 3, 1865 in Skullyville, Indian Territory to Joseph and Malissa (Harrison) Garland. William married Mary Levins Beller on June 30, 1887. Mary was born May 17, 1869 to James Pinkum and Margaret Levina (Flynn) Beller in Harrison, Arkansas. There were 11 children born to this union:
Joseph Garret, married June Rainwater. Walter Raymond, married Robbie Folsom. Virginia, married B.J. Wilson. George P., (no information) Lester Windfield, (no information) Levena, married John Rupert Cook in September 1914. James Clinton, born 09-11-1898, died 10-17-1980. Myrtle, born 03-11-1898, died 10-17-1980 married Willie Jim Cook April 5, 1907. Grace, born 03-23-1900 married Walter Bruttram. Willie Yancy, born 09-??-1806 married Burl Prentice. Lee, born 09-05-1908 died 12-10-1982 married William Fred Moore