Garland, Myrtle

Myrtle Garland
Submitted by: Dek Prentice

Myrtle (Garland) Cook was an original enrollee of the Choctaw Nation. She was born March 11, 1898, in Garland, Indian Territory, to a proud and historic Choctaw family. Her parents William Greenwood Garland, born in Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation and Mary Levina (Beller) Garland, born in Harrison, Arkansas. W.G. and Mary had eleven other children and it is not known if any of these siblings were also original enrollees. At least two of them are living today. Her girlhood and school years were spent around her hometown of Garland and she attended school until at least the eighth grade. Many of her cousins also lived around Garland and attended school. Willie Jim Cook married Myrtle April 15, 1907. He was born March 8, 1892 in Mississippi. His brother John Rupert married Myrtle’s sister Lavena. Willie and Myrtle had six children. Together, they farmed and raised their family on Myrtle’s allotment of land just North and East of Garland. Five of the children grew to maturity and had families of their own. During the 1950’s, Willie and Myrtle moved to Stigler, Oklahoma for the remainder of their years together. There are many important Choctaws in Myrtle’s family history. They include: William greenwood Garland (her father) who was District Judge of Sans Bois and Joseph G. garland (her grandfather) who was Chief Justice of the Choctaw Supreme Court. Other family names are Folsom, LeFlore, McCurtain, and Pitchlynn. Myrtle left this world and joined her ancestors in glorifying the Lord at the age of 82, on October 17, 1980. Willie Jim and Myrtle (Garland) Cook had six children, raising five of them to maturity. They were: Edith Lucille, born 12-28-1917 and married Vonnie Prentice. Willie Nash, born 07-26-1920 and was married to Beverly Ginn, Ola Mae Parker and Evelyn. Evelyn Francille, born 01-10-1923 and was married to Charles Stevenson, Lloyd Shirley, Robert Campbell, George Spurlock and W.T. Neal. James Merle, born 03-09-1927 and died four days later. Herbert Morris, born 03-26-1928 and married Elizabeth Ann Lay. Alice Faye, born 08-14-1939 and married Billy Cleon Stout.