Garland, C.C. (Buddy)

C.C. (Buddy) Garland
Submitted by: Edith Fay Garland Barentine, granddaughter
The “Buffalo Cape”
When I was a small child, my mother, father, brother and I would travel twice a year to Stigler, Oklahoma to visit our grandparents, C.C. (Buddy) and Lettie Hughey-Garland. We were usually also treated to visits with aunts, uncles and cousins who abounded in the area. Summer time images of yellow meated watermelons, my grandmother’s flowers, granddad’s vegetables, buttermilk biscuits, feather mattresses and patient cousins taking horseback rides with “city cousins” are among my favorite childhood memories. The most profound of my memories, though, are the ones that perhaps only my grandfather and I know of. Once in nearly every visit, my grandfather and I would go to the chicken coop and he would open the old trunk there. In the trunk was a velvet-looking cape with hair/fur trim. Granddad would drape the garment over my skinny frame and tell me of his mother weaving the cape, riding in a buckboard, wrapped in its’ ankle-length warmth. I remember many times we visited the cape in stifling July heat. I felt very special. I felt connected. I felt at home. We called it the “Buffalo Cape” because it was trimmed in what Granddad called buffalo hair. When my grandfather died in December, 1969, he left the cape to me. Today, it reaches my knees and I sometimes drape it over my (no longer skinny) frame and think of the tiny woman, wrapped in the cape on a buckboard. It makes me feel warm, too, special, connected and at home. The Garland family originated from the union of British Army Major James Garland and Hushiyukpa (Happy Bird) of the Six Towns District of the Mississippi Choctaw Nation. They had two sons, John 1 and Michael. John 1 had three sons and two daughters. We have no recorded of Michael’s marriages or children. One of John’s sons, James 11 is my great great grandfather. He had eight sons: Joseph G. Sr.; Ward H. Sr.; Peter, Sr.; Isaac; James; Joel; and Cornelius with one name not listed. Ward H. Garland is my great great grandfather. The James Garland 11 family came to the new country in 1832 on the “Trail of Tears”. My brother has a hymnbook, written in Choctaw, which was carried on the journey. Eventually, the family moved (1886-1887) to an area northeast of the present town to Stigler, Oklahoma. Both my grandfathers and my father, Leo Garland, grew up in that area. My grandfather lived there all his life. He farmed and raised cattle. He and my grandmother had six children, one of who died as a toddler. C.C. Garland was born May 31, 1879 and died December 9, 1969 He is buried in the Garland Cemetery, Haskell County, Oklahoma. My grandmother is also buried there. My father, Leo Garland, was born November 9, 1903 and died October 29, 1970. He is buried there. My father, Leo Garland, was born November 9, 1903 and died October 29, 1970. He is also buried in the Garland Cemetery. Both my father and grandfather were original enrollees. Much detailed information has been compiled by one of my cousins, Garland Loveless, who also pulled from other sources and had done much research resulting in two volumes of Choctaw/Garland family information. I credit Mr. Loveless for the Garland family history presented here. Also Burl and Willie Garland, Prentice, Wayne and Valerie Garland and Raymond Garland. C.C. (Buddy) Garland, fourth generation, son of Ward H. Garland Sr., born in 1840 and died 7-17-1915. Sophins (Nail) Garland born 10-30-1843 and died in 1932. He was a grandson of James II (11-19-1812 to 1872) and Peggy Folsom (dates unavailable). C.C. Garland born 5-31-1979 and died 12-09-1879 and died 12-09-1969. He is buried in the Garland cemetery in Haskell County, Oklahoma. Wife of C.C., Lettie Hughey Garland was an orphan and had no roll number. She was born 09-03-1883 and died 5-22-1961 and is buried in the Haskell Cemetery, also. They had six children: Leo (11-09-1903 to 10-29-1970); Anna (08-06-1907 to 10-17-1953); Cordie (08-12-1909 to 11-??-1982); Easter (04-07-1912 to 07-??-1984); Raydon (05-06-1905 to 05-09-1986); Lula (12-02-1913 to 05-18-1916).