Gardner, Samuel G.

Samuel G. Gardner
Submitted by: Marie Wong
1864: Samuel Greenwood Gardner born to Greenwood Gardner and Harriet
James Gardner, September 25
1869: Florence A. Wolfe
1874: Samuel’s stepfather, Levi Crain was killed at Mt.Pleasant, Oklahoma
1886: Married Florence A. Wolfe at Armstrong Academy by Reverend W.J.B. Lloyd
1887: B.J.H. Gardner born October 24, Academy, C.N.
1891: William Roscoe Gardner born May 3, Paris, Texas
1891: Benjamin James Henry Gardner died September 5 and buried at Armstrong Academy
1896: Martin Luther Gardner born January 10, Academy, C.N.
1896: Enrollment on Choctaw Roll; 35 years of age; Male; ½ blood; Blue County; Father’s name—Green Gardner, dead; Blue County; Mother’s name—Harriet Gardner, dead; Blue County. Married to Florence Gardner; 30 years of age; Full White; Blue County; Father’s name—Henry Wolfe; County (indecipherable, Nor Certz, Non Letz?); Mother’s name—Mollie Wolfe, dead; Same indecipherable county. Children: Willie Gardner, son; 8 years; ¼ blood. Children: Martin L. Gardner, son; 4 years; ¼ blood. Children: Leroy Gardner, son; ¼ blood; 1 month old; born December 1, 1901; enrolled December 28, 1901.
1901: Leroy Gardner born December 1, Academy, C.N. 1901: December 28, 1901 Application for enrollment of Leroy Gardner as citizen of Choctaw Nation. 1906: No date, just an estimate. Application form filled out in script to have restrictions upon alienation of allotment removed. Total area of allotment, exclusive of homestead, described as follows: E ½ of NW ¼ of NE 4 of Sec 33 T5S R4W, SW 4 of NE 4 of S 33 T5S R4W and SE 4 of NW 4 of S33 T3S R4W 1906: Application to have restrictions upon the alienation of his surplus allotment removed. October 5, 1905 at Muskogee, Indian Territory.
Q: What is your name? A: Samuel G. Gardner.
Q: What is your post office address? A: Banty, Indian Territory.
Q: What is your age? A: Forty-two years old.
Q: Are you a citizen of the Choctaw Nation? A: Yes sir.
Q: What degree of Indian blood are you? A: One-eighth.
Q: Do you read and write the English language? A: Yes sir.
Q: Is this your signature? A: Yes sir.
Q: Where and for how long did you attend school? A: I attended school for three years at Spencer Academy; I also attended the neighborhood schools.
Q: What personal property do you own? A: I have fifteen head of cattle, twenty head of hogs, one mule, and five head of horses, and some farming tools.
Q: What is the value of your personal property? A: About $3,000.
Q: What business experience have you had? A: Well, I worked for a wholesale house as clerk in Texas, and as well as on the Railroad Company, and on the section, and I also worked for a coal company selling and taking orders.
Q: What is the largest sums of money you have ever had under your control at one time? A: About $1,000.
Q: How did you invest this money? A: Supporting my family, and to stock and improve my place.
Q: What improvements upon your homestead A: House, smokehouse, well, cribs and outhouse, and it is all under fence, but there is none in cultivation.
Q: What do you value the improvement upon this land? A: I should judge about $1,000.
Q: Was this money invested in personal property upon place and was it the result of your own earnings? A: Yes sir.
Q: What do you value your surplus land at per acre? A: Locate your allotment with reference to the nearest town. A: Adelia, Indian Territory, about ¼ mile my land adjoins this town.
Q: Have you made any bargain or contract to sell this land? A: No sir.
Q: Have you leased it? A: No sir.
Q: Are you a married man? A: Yes sir.
Q: Has your wife an allotment? A: Yes sir.
Q: Has she made any petition of the removal of her restrictions? A: She is an intermarried citizen.
Q: Have you any children? A: Yes sir, three of them.
Q: Give their names and ages. A: William, 15 years old, Martin L., 10 years old, and Leroy, 5 years old.
Q: Have they received their allotments? A: Yes sir.
Q: Has their allotments been leased? A: My oldest boy’s allotment has been leased.
Q: Did you lease that as the natural guardian? A: Yes sir.
Q: Any guardian ever been appointed by the United States court? A: No sir.
Q: Do you want the restriction removed from the E/2 of NW/4 of NE/4 and SW/4 of NE/4 of Section 33, Township 5 South, Range 4 West, containing 60 acres, is this correct? A: Yes sir, it is.

1906: October 5 Muskogee, Indian Territory, October 5, 1906. The United States Indian Agent, Union Agency, Muskogee, Indian Territory.
After a personal Examination of the applicant, SAMUEL G. GARDNER, I find him to be a citizen of the CHOCTAW Nation of one-eight degree of Indian blood. He has a good common school education, and has had considerable business experience. He has accumulated about $3,000, which he has invested in livestock and agricultural implements, and improvements upon his place. The testimony shows him to be a man competent to handle his own business affairs. Recommendation is made that the restrictions be removed from the E/2 of NW/4 of NE/4 and SW/4 of NE/4 of Section 33, Township 5 South, Range 4 West, containing sixty acres.

E.A. Fagin
Your Representative.


OCTOBER 23, 1906
The Honorable, Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
I have the honor to submit herewith my report in the matter of the application, No. 7131, of SAMUEL G. GARDNER, a citizen of the CHOCTAW Nation, for the removal of restrictions upon the alienation of his allotment, exclusive of the homestead, under the Act of Congress approval

April 21, 1904.


Dana H. Kelsey United States Indian Agent