Fulton, Jack & Catherine

Jack & Catherine Fulton
Parents of Jim Fulton

Jack Fulton was French and Cherokee and had blue eyes and black hair. He was working for a big rancher and drove a buggy taxi when he met Catherine Gardner who was a Choctaw Indian. After they were married, he worked for the railroad. Jack and Catherine had 11 children, Jim was the youngest. Jack was given a Choctaw roll number by his marriage to Catherine. All of the children had roll numbers, and all received land in Oklahoma. Some of them made a good profit from selling their land and some of them were tricked out of their land. Catherine left Jack after 50 years of marriage. She moved in wither youngest son Jim and his wife Clemith. Jack moved in with the youngest daughter, Florence and her family, until he became very ill.

He then moved in with Jim and Clemith who at that time lived in Clayton, Oklahoma. Catherine was still living with them and helped care for Jack until he passed away. Jack Fulton had been a heavy drinker and smoked a pipe. He passed away form lung disease in 1924 and was buried at Clayton, Oklahoma. Jim moved his family and mother back to McAlester. Catherine lived with them until her death in 1935. Catherine’s doctor, Dr. E.H. Schuler said Catherine died from old age. Catherine was buried at North Town Cemetery in McAlester, Oklahoma. Jim Fulton mainly wore store bought overalls and shirts all of his life, except while in uniform as a National Guard and later as a security guard. Clemith made all of the children’s clothes out of flour and seed sacks and material when she could get it. Jim’s hobbies were fishing, playing dominoes and card games, and spending time with his family.

I remember as a young girl, grandpa teaching me how to dig for worms put the worm on the hook of a cane pole and catch my first fish at Lake McAlester. Jim was a hard worker and worked at various jobs in his lifetime. In younger years while living in Oklahoma he worked in coalmines, picked cotton, packed shells at the Naval Depot, did farm work, worked for the railroad and WPA. Jim was allotted 250 acres of land, where Lake McAlester is now. He sold most of this acreage to the City of McAlester in 1921, that land is underwater. The remaining acreage he later sold to John Free. Jim was in the National Guard for two years, Clemith believes it was from 1927 until 1929. Part of that time was spent patrolling the Red River. From 1936 to 1937 he worked on WPA, he helped build McAlester Lakes 1 and 2, city hall and Shipley’s bakery. After moving to Dallas, Texas he worked at the Dallas Airmotive, then he worked for numerous years as a security guard before retiring and moving back to McAlester, Oklahoma. Jim Fulton passed away March 21, 1982, but he lives on in the hearts and minds of all of his family who loved him so dearly and miss him so much. His grave is at North town Cemetery in McAlester, Oklahoma where other family members went before and after him and may they all rest in peace. Jim F. Fulton born 2-18-1904 and died 3-21-1982. Parents Jack Fulton and Catherine Emiline “Gardner” Fulton. 11 brothers and sisters all deceased. John Mary Elizabeth, Aurilla, Jackson, Newton, Tilda, David, Martha, Becky, Nancy and Florence. Jim Fulton was born in McAlester and went to Farley school. He married Clemith Durning at Okemeh on 11-30-1921. They had seven children:

Katherine “Fulton” Stacks, born 9-17-1923
George Fulton, born 5-9-1925, deceased
Bert Fulton, born 2-7-1927
Tommy Fulton, born 2-6-1929, deceased
J.C. Fulton, born 11-16-1930;
Stella “Fulton” Sandoval, born 10-2-1932
Kenneth Fulton, born 2-2-1934, deceased

Jim and Clemith had been married for 61 years when he passed away. Clemith never remarried and is now 88 years old. They had 16 grandchildren: Patricia “Stacks” Key, born 7-24-1943, deceased; Linda “Stacks” Brewer, born 7-3-1945; Jimmy Stacks, born 3-23-1949; Carlos Sandoval, born 6-20-1953; James Sandoval, born 8-2-1954; Bobby Sandoval, born 6-10-1956; Mary “Sandoval” Fuentes, born 2-12-1959; Steven Fulton, born 10-23-1953; Linda “Fulton” Martin, born 3-3-1949; Patricia Fulton, born 10-20-1952, deceased; Cathy “Fulton” Welch, born 11-01-1954; Peggy “Fulton” McCastlin, born 8-15-1958; Tammy “Fulton” Holliday, born 6-8-1968; Amy “Fulton” Wester, born 7-14-1972; Mike Fulton, born 1-11-1957; Carol “Fulton” Pace, born 9-25-1962; They had 25 great grandchildren: Vance Reidling, born 4-27-1962; Vicki “Reidling” Dickens, born 7-12-1963; Joann “Crenshaw” Coats, born 3-8-1962; Dewey Crenshaw Jr., born 9-15-1963; Cathy “Crenshaw” Welch, born 1-6-1965; James Hawkins, born 10-20-1968; Krista “Stacks” Linsteadt, born 10-18-1971; Misty “Stacks” Crank, born 8-28-1975; Brian Fulton, born 12-11-1973; Stephanie Fulton, born 11-10-1983; Jonathan Sandoval, born 1-1-1984; Brian Fuentes, born 3-21-1977; Michael Fuentes, born 4-28-1981; Twila Landram, born 5-20-1970; Jamie Inman, born 5-19-1971; Melinda Cook, born 1-10-1973; Erin Walker, born 9-29-1974; Wendy Walker, born 12-7-1975; Michelle Nash, born 12-9-1976; Haley Bridges, born 2-22-1994; Brian Fulton, born 3-11-1975; Trisha Fulton, born 9-15-1980; Kenneth Payne, born 6-13-1980; Ashley Pace, born 7-17-1972; As of this date 01-23-1996 there are 15 great great grandchildren: Paul Dickens, Steven Dickens, Dana Dickens, Kenny Coffman, Derek Coffman, Derek Coffman, Stephanie Welch, Eric Welch, Jr., Kevin Linsteadt, William Hawkins, Tevor Crank, Emily Walker, Michael Fulton, Richard Howard, Nicole Howard, Susan Inman, Kaitlan Cook. Other enrolled members of the Fulton family were children of Jack Fulton and Catherine (Gardner) Fulton. John A., born 1882; Elizabeth Fulton, born 1887, Aurilla Fulton, born 1888; Jackson Fulton, born 1895; Newton Fulton, born 1895; Tilda Fulton, born 1896; Jim F. Fulton, born 1904 and Florence Fulton, born: Jackson and Newton were twins.