Frazier, Willie Caldwell

Willie Caldwell Frazier

Willie Caldwell Frazier was born July 18, 1892. His parents were Samuel Frazier and Josephine Caldwell Frazier. Willie was married to Emily King. They had a son, Mack Frazier. Mack married Lena Samuels. Their children are Michael, Rayson John, Don Juan, Victoria A. Folsom, Michele Rae DuBose and Jacqueline. Mack is deceased. Willie Caldwell Frazier and Sarah Mea Nohio were married November 1931. Their children are Josephine, Bettie Ray, Robert William, Harrison Samuel and Willie Caldwell Frazier; Jr. Josephine married Obie L. Tyler and both are deceased. Bettie ray died an infant. Robert William and wife Elfrieda have six children, Robert Jr., Romoma, Obie Lee, Roberto (deceased), Richard William and Pamela Ann. Harrison Samuel (Bill) and wife Priscilla have three children, Tenna Marie, Harrison Samuel, Jr. and Richard Russell. Willie Caldwell Frazier, Jr., married Marilyn Weyland and they have a son. Willie Jr., died August