Frazier, Lewis Samuel

Lewis Samuel Frazier

Lewis Samuel Frazier, born 02-17-1899 in Doaksville, Indian Territory. He resided in Spencerville, Oklahoma until his death in December of 1959 and is buried in the Spencerville Cemetery. His parents were Samuel and Josephine Frazier. He grew up in the Spencerville area and attended Spencer Academy. He had three brothers: Willie, Jesse, and Benjamin. Also he had two sisters: Rosie Frazier Davis and Mary Frazier David. In 1920, Lewis married Ence Fobb. They had one son, Elam, who died while in combat duty with the U.S. Army in Korea. Elam had two daughters: JoAnna F. Phenicie and Fay Frazier Philips of Antlers, Oklahoma. They have six great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren. In 1925, Lewis married Semiah John. She used to tell us Grandpa said, “Go” and she left with Lewis. They had four children. They were: Tecumseh J Frazier (3-23-1935 – 3-23-1996), Timothy Frazier, Betty Ketcheshawno and Adeline Hudson. Elam came to live with them and she legally adopted him. Most people thought she was his natural mother. Elam’s children were surprised to find she was not a blood relative. Lew and Semiah have eleven grandchildren: They are Johnita Frazier Verdugo and Jonell Frazier Botello, Cedric and Tyrone Ketcheshawno, Lasanda Pfiffer, Laura Taylor, Lora Frazier, Semiah “Meta” Frazier, Timothy John Frazier, Noah Samuel Frazier, and Crystal Lynn Frazier; Semiah “Meta” Frazier, Timothy John Frazier, Noah Samuel Frazier, and Crystal Lynn Frazier. Lewis was a laborer. He worked in sawmills and farms. He was with the Civilian Conservation Corps, working out of the Wynnewood area and later around Broken Arrow. After the C.C.C. work, he returned with his family to Spencerville. He served his country in the U.S. Army during World War I. Many happy times were spent in Spencerville along Frazier Creek and Oleta. Semiah, our mother, always took us there to play with the Winships (Anderson’s family) and the Fraziers, Grand Aunt Susan, Uncle Tobias and Aunts, Ada and Lena.