Fowler, Fannie Hester

Fannie Hester Fowler
Submitted by: Martha Pevehouse, daughter and granddaughter

Fannie Hester Fowler was born to John Fowler and Elizabeth Perkins on 04-08-1878. Her father was born in Mississippi around 1828 and died before 1898 in Kiomita, Indian Territory, which was later to become the state of Oklahoma. Her mother, Elizabeth, was born around 1844 and died around 1898-1900. John and Elizabeth had two girls. The first daughter was Fannie Hester fowler, born 04-08-1878 and died 11-10-1961. The second daughter was Caroline D. Fowler, born in 1883 at Kiomita, Indian Territory. Elizabeth married a second time, to King Ashford. They had four children: Thomas Ashford, born in 1870; Lula Ashford, born in 1873; Jerotha Ashford, born in 1874 and Laura Ashford, born in 1877. All four children were born in Kiomita, Indian Territory. Fannie Hester married John Cullin Miller 02-13-1899. John was born 04-19-1870 in Kentucky and died 04-11-1938 in Kosoma, Oklahoma. Fannie died 11-10-1961 in Salinas, California in Monterey County. Fannie was a member of the Choctaw tribe in Oklahoma and John became enrolled because he was married to Fannie and met al laws and provisions of the Choctaw Nation. They had three boys. They were Leo Victor Miller, Sr., born 04-02-1900 in Pushmataha County, Finely, Indian Territory. He died 12-14-1987 in Fresno, California; Thomas Young Miller, born 12-13-1905 and died 09-13-1975. He is buried at Antlers, Oklahoma; William Briney Miller, born in August of 1910 and died in May 1927. He is buried at Kosoma, Oklahoma in Pushamtha County.

Grandchildren: Martha Darena Miller, born 06-27-1923; Leo Victor, Jr., born 02-09-1925 and died in November, 1975; George Edsill Miller, born 08-07-1927 and died in December, 1951; Wanda Gayle Miller, born 05-02-1930 and died 03-19-1988; Lawana Miller, born 02-11-1933; Mareverene Lou Miller and Maurene Sue Miller were twins, born 09-04-1935 and both died 11-09-1935. Great grandchildren: Leo David Pevehouse, born 09-08-1940 and died 09-26-1941; Darena Charline Pevehouse, born 04-13-1942; Carol Jean Pevehouse, born 07-09-1944; Shirley Ann Pevehouse, born 05-18-1946; Kathryn Illene Pevehouse, born 04-20-1957; Doris Lynn Elam, born 04-23-1947; Robert Leo Elam, born 04-08-1948 and died 04-12-1984; David Vance, born 10-10-1950; Laura Irene Vance, born 08-24-1951; Darena Gayle Vance, born 03-17-1955. Great great grandchildren: Ronald Eugene Noel, born 5-21-1961; Regina Lynn Noel, born 6-2-1962; Gregory Allen Noel, born 8-3-1963; Timothy Wayne Noel, born 3-16-1964; Sandra Elaine Hughey, born 6-30-1971; Deborah Kay Taylor, born 7-12-1963; Richard Karl Taylor, born 11-28-1964; Melinda Faye Taylor, born 7-27-1966; Anita Jean Taylor, born 12-18-1973; Steven Matthew Watkins, born 11-08-1963; Kimberly Diane Pevehouse, born 5-5-1973; Christopher Joe Kelly, born 3-16-1977; Amber Dawn Smith, born 4-29-1983; Stephanie Ann Smith (stepdaughter), born 11-25-1972; Clifford Wayne Smith (stepson), born 1-1-1974; Charles Wayne Durham, Jr., born 6-3-1965; Patricia Lynn Durham, born 2-15-1967; Donna Faye Durham, born 9-1-1968; Jimmy Don Dorham, born 2-24-1971; David Shawn Elam, born 9-21-1968. Great great great grandchildren: Brian Noel, Adrian Noel (stepdaughter), Leon Noel, Alisha Wilson, Sasha Wilson, Michael Noel, Heather dawn Campbell, Candice Thompson, Chase Thompson, Colby Thompson, Meranda Phillips, Matthew Watkins, Charles Wayne Durham III, Channing Alexandri Durham, Joseph Elijah Cantrell, Latasha Vicole Cantrell, Drystal Eline Hughes, Terry Gordon Hughes, and Mercedes Elaines Durham.