Folsom,Eugene Jackson

Eugene Jackson Folsom was born 02-16-1901 and died 03-25-1964. His father was Jerry Folsom, born in Skullyville County, Indian Territory in 1852. He was a Judge in McIntosh County, Indian Territory. He died in 1909. My dad’s mother was Amanda Collins. Jerry was ½ Choctaw and Amanda was full blood. My dad’s parents died before he was 1 and his guardians. Who owned the bank in McCurtain, send dad to Jones Academy. I do not know how long he was there but he was well educated. He took me there when I was very young. He said they played football with only a leather helmet. He said they played “hoop-ala-hp” LaCroiss. They used gourds and a hard ball and wore animal tails to define the team members.

Until he was married, he lived and worked on the banker’s ranch near McCurtain. He and mother (Cora Dudley) moved to near Chickasha and farmed his Indian allotment land. He never discussed his early days except about playing baseball and other sports. He also participated in rodeos. Mother said he was gored in Quinton and that stopped his career.

I am sorry that I do not know any more details. I am retiring on June 24, 1996, which is on my 69th birthday. I have been a Petroleum Geologist for 45 years.