Immortality; an unending existence. That is the definition of a family to me.

I’ll begin at my grandmother Nelia Jane Low Derrick, born April 13, 1980 at Scipio, Tobucksy County, Indian Territory. Her father was Hugh David Low, born March 6, 1860, in Kansas. He came to the territory about 1837 with his parents Jonathan, a boot and shoemaker and mother Susannah Rodman, both from Ohio. We know his brother William; sisters Margaret (Meg) and Emma (Em) also came with them. They lived in Clark County, Illinois in 1840 according to land records. On coming to the territory they settled about 15 miles from Caddo in Blue County. They are buried in unmarked graves there according to grandson Hugh Steven and a letter from their son Hugh David to his daughter Nelia Jane.

Janie’s mother was Melvina Sarah Ingram, born September 5, 1866 in Blue County area to Lucy Ann Perkins and George Ingram. She was an only child and born a citizen of the Choctaw Nation. Melvina married Hugh David Low August 6, 1882 at Thurman, near Indianola Indian Territory.

We don’t know anything about George Ingram. Janie said she thought he was killed. Lucy Ann married a Lacy, a Landford and a Roark. She adopted a girl named Emily Leader in early 1900’s. Emily married Ellis Carnes. They had a daughter named Carrie. Emily died in 1932. Lucy was born in 1851, died at Coalgate, Oklahoma, 1916. Lucy’s parents were George Perkins and Jane Folsom Perkins West. Jane was born in Mississippi, November 22, 1823.

George is believed to be from Mississippi also.

George Perkins is listed as a Choctaw officer along with Chafa, Imihl-hla-tubbe, Wilson Beams and Ka-li-tish-ka, in 1850 who intercepted a shipment of 100 gallons of whiskey coming from Preston, Texas to Boiling Springs near Fort Washita. The Choctaw Nation Officials were trying to prevent whiskey from coming into the Nation. This made the officers at Fort Washita unhappy. They arrested the Choctaw officers and placed them in the fort dungeon. The Choctaw chief and council petitioned for their release since it was in violation of their tribal law and the Choctaw agreement with Congress.

George served in Chickasaw District of the Choctaw Nation court at Post Oak in Blue County as an attorney of record July 18, 1854 along with his brother-in-law Turner Turnbull. We don’t know when or where he died. Jane died January 16, 1893 and is buried at Choate Prairie Cemetery near Indianola, Oklahoma where she lived before her death. She had married a West but her children buried her “Jane F. wife of George Perkins”.

George and Jane Perkins had a son, Lyman Hugh Perkins that was in the political arena. He ran on the Tuskahoma party ticket in 1904 as a representative, and served the Choctaw Nation on the council. Another daughter Mary “Louisa” married Alexander B. Hamilton II, who was appointed by Jack McCurtain as one of the famed Choctaw Lighthorseman.

Jane Folsom Perkins father was Captain Robert Folsom. We don’t know her mother’s name. Robert was born at Mayhew, Mississippi and died later near Hebron, Indian Territory. He came first into the territory looking after the exchange of country with the U. S. Government.

Robert’s father was Nathaniel Folsom, known as the “Father of all Folsom’s.” Nathaniel was born May 17, 1756 in North Carolina. He married two sisters, I-ah-no-show and Ai-ne-chi-hoyo. They were nieces of Chief Miko Puskush who was the father of Amosholihubib. They descend from a long line of Ancient Chiefs and belong to one of the great families, Iksa Hattakiholihta. Nathaniel fathered 24 children, 14 lived.

Nathaniel’s father was Nathaniel Folsom also, from Massachusetts or Connecticut. His mother was from New Jersey. That’s as far as I can go back and that’s with a lot of help from any sources other than my own, which I will try to list later. Now to go forward with my grandmother Nelia Jane’s family. Children of David Hugh and Melvina Ingram Low and their descendents.

Lorena, born 08-10-1884, married Joseph Shelby Estes, divorced and married Charlie Elkins. Died 12-28-1951, buried at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Roll # 9568.

Hugh David Estes, born 12-24-1900. Roll #9569
Henry Alfred Estes, born 09-14-1903, AKA “Ted”, Roll # NB221.
George Estes, born 1906, died in 1962.
Clarence L. Elkins, born 06-17-1913.
Valeria Elkins Dalton Potter Hughes, born 02-07-1916.
Ola Pearl, born 11-13-1885, married H. Christopher “Crit” Nicar, widowed and married William J. Kyle. Died 01-02-1963, buried at Texarkana, Texas. Roll # 12760.
Grace Melvina Nicar born 04-07-1902, died in 1904.
Amanda Ellen Nicar Elkins Evans, born 05-07-1904, died 02-17-1938.
Mae Nicar Treadway, born 08-02-1906, died 09-07-1933.
Allie Kyle Robinson, born 12-25-1907, died 10-16-1992.
William Jennings died in infancy.
Hugh Low Kyle, born 11-09-1911, died 04-05-1921.
Ola Kyle Arterbury, born 06-30-1914, died 08-27-1979.
James Burt, born 11-28-1918, died12-31-1992.
Goldman Ferrell, born 02-10-1924.

Emanuel Henry, born 01-29-1888, died 08-13-1949. Married Emma R. Smith. Roll #12761. Buried at Hilltop Cemetery, Calvin Oklahoma.
Truby Mae Low Bradly Cutsinger, born 05-01-1910.
Clayton Bently, born 04-22-1919.

Nelia Jane born 04-13-1890 married George Gordon Derrick, 10-01-1905 at Salt Creek near Calvin Indian Territory at his parents Robert and Grisilda Parker Derrick’s home. Jane died 12-27-1983 and is buried at Hilltop Cemetery east of Calvin, Oklahoma. Roll #12762.
Vernon, born 10-12-1910, died 09-12-1994, married Pearl T. Cook 04-06-1935.

Bobby Gene died in infancy.
Gary Vernon, born 08-02-1940, married Carolyn Bearden, divorced, married Marcia Green Amaral.
Karen Sue, born08-13-1963, married Tom Cole.
Sarah Elizabeth
Ashley Irene
Gordon Gene, born 03-11-1965
Jasmine Joy
Karen June, born 01-04-1948, married Richard H. McCasland,
Karen divorced, married Darrell D. Roberson.
Richard Alan, born 04-27-1966, married Laura L. Morbitzer 1/64 Cherokee.
Jeremy Caleb
Austin Joshua
Elisabeth Jordon
Jerry Edward, born 05-31-1968.
Derrick Dwayne Roberson, born 06-23-1973
Oatie Irene, born 03-19-1916, married Harry Hardwick, divorced, married Alvin J. Madruga.
Susan Kay Madruga, born 10-03-1951, married Paul Silva
Jaime Irene
Paula Sue
Willa Grace, born 07-03-1917, died 02-24-1989, married Russell Wilbanks.
Nelia Jane, born 03-18-1940, married Tom Halpin.
Joanna Rene, born 03-18-1962, married Chuck Bledsoe.
Sheila Marie, born 07-06-1963, married Bob Rible
Aaron Russell, born 06-11-1968.
Elma Gertrude, born 06-26-1922, died 01-25-1986, married Lloyd Murray.
Derrick Duane, born 09-01-1947, married Linda Durham.
Patrick Sean, born 06-17-1975
Zachary Tyler, born 10-28-1976
Scott Joseph, born 08-17-1978
Lloyd Keith, born 01-26-1950, married Teresa Funderburg.
Corey Charles, born 09-30-1972
Nicholet Eyre, born 09-29-1977
Sara Emily, born 03-13-1983
Gregory Gene, born 09-29-1951, married Minnie Byrd.
Nathaniel Stephen, born 07-06-1978
Benjamin Hugh, born 09-29-1982
Jonathan James, born 04-23-1892, died 09-14-1893, buried in Hugh Low Cemetery next to his mother Melvina. Land was donated by Hugh, so named.
Frances Lillile Mae, born 03-02-1894, died 04-21-1978, married Donna H. Vanderpool, divorced, married W. Vernon Smith. Roll #12763.
Hurchel, born 07-09-1912, married Cleo Johnson
Donald Wayne, born 11-14-1934
Mona Dean, born 03-20-1936
Vernon AKA “Buzz”, born 08-19-1914, married Annabelle Murray
Buzza Louise AKA “Susie”
Hugh Steven, born 03-07-1896, died 06-17-1984. Married Leona Woods, divorced, married Bertha Adams. Roll #12764.
Horace David AKA “Son”, born 12-06-1917, died 05-18-1937, CCC Camp. Buried in Davis, Oklahoma near his grandfather Hugh D. Low.
Anna Elizabeth, born 01-07-1899, died 03-13-1964, married James Gilliam Motley. Buried at Santa Maria, California. Roll #12765.
Hazel Lucille, born 12-20-1915 married Virgil White.
James Rex, born 02-04-1918, married Juanita Johnson.
Sybil Lucina, born 05-18-1921, married Chester Roberson.
Tandy Gene, born 08-11-1924, married Bernice Cooper.
Thelma Pearl, born 05-11-1926, married Washington Monroe Campbell
James Max, born 09-19-1928, married Barbara Gadsberry.
John Otto, born 06-18-1930, married Rose Stewart
Florence Sadie Mae, born 06-22-1933, married Roger C. Lessenger.
Ray Jay, born 12-21-1935, married Rosemary Brown.
This is most of the generations descending from Melvina and Hugh D. Low. Now a little about them.

Hugh was a Baptist Missionary or as they called them then, a circuit rider. He would travel by horseback and be gone for weeks. Grandmother Melvina would take that time to be with her children who loved her so much. They would go to the creek and fish after the chores were done. She was a godly mother. Her children spoke highly of her. They honored their father, but he was hard on them and their mother. Melvina was killed by a runaway horse and wagon, in which her oldest son was in. She ran out in front of it to stop it, but it dragged her nearly to death. She lived long enough to deliver Anna, the baby. She is buried in Hugh Low Cemetery at Scipio, Oklahoma next to her Jonathan. My grandmother was eight years old when her mother died. They went to live with their maternal grandmother Lucy Ingram at Coalgate, Indian Territory. She sent them to the Gill Indian Boarding School north of Coalgate to be educated. As the older girls married my grandmother went to live with them. Their father had enrolled them all on the Dawes roll and they all got their land allotments. My grandmother’s was near Calvin, Hughes County. She met my grandfather “Gordon” at an ice cream party where he was invited to play his banjo. She played the piano and they made music together for the 68 years that they were married. My grandfather was 17 and my grandmother was 15 when they married. He built their home on her allotment. They raised their children, orphans, sister, brother, nephews, and grandsons there. Granny wanted to help others that needed help and indeed she did. Many stayed in their home and she fed many people out of her large garden that she loved to work in. Many knew that Janie and Gordon had a meal prepared and an empty plate for them anytime. All were welcome to the little house on the side of the road at Hilltop. If it was food for the body or soul, it was there and lots of love. Papa taught Sunday school many years and they spent many hours at camp meetings and church singing and loving their Lord. Granny lived 93 years in her home on side of the road of humanity. She and Papa are buried at Hilltop Cemetery, just down the road