Folsom, Joseph

Joseph Folsom
Submitted by: Billie Ruth Goar

Joseph Folsom was born in Blue County, Indian Territory, but no date available. He died 04-05-1905 and is buried in the Folsom Family Cemetery in north Bryan County. His father was Samuel Folsom but the info is sketchy if his mother was Samuel’s first wife, Anna Holmes Folsom or his second wife, Tennessee??? He was full blood. Joseph married Lizzie “Sissy” Anderson born approximately 1890 and died 02-15-1941. She was buried in the Caddo Cemetery at Caddo, Oklahoma. Sissy was full blood, also. She married Millard Pierce after Joseph died. Her mother was Emiline (Garland) Anderson-Beams and was full blood. Emiline’s parents were William and Jinnsy Garland of Nashoba County. They lived in Wade County, Talihina, Indian Territory. Lizzie’s father was Joe Anderson and after he died, her mother married Wallace Beams full blood. Wallace was the son of Johnny and Mary Beams of Wade County. Half siblings of Lizzie were: Mary Beams; John beams; Wilmon Beams died 06-08-1902; Syrena Beams born 06-17-1902.

Children of Joseph Folsom and Anna (Holmes) Folsom — list not complete — Josiah Folsom born 03-27-1834 and died 10-24-1894 and was never married; Malina Folsom, born 07-27-1836 and died 12-11-1905 Alfred W. Folsom, born 01-27-1840 in Indian Territory; William Folsom, born 11-27-1841 and died 12-31-1844; Cornelius Folsom, born 08-09-1844 and was sent to McMinnville, Tennessee to attend school at the age of nine years and was last heard from in 1860; Lucy Ann Folsom, born 10-17-1845 and died 02-20-1866; Stewart Folsom, born 09-01-1853; Susan Folsom, born 01-16-1856; Sina Folsom, born 06-31-1857; Mitchell Folsom, born 03-11-1861 Margaret Folsom, born 10-20-1864; Rhoda Folsom, born 06-27-1867. There were four others that died in infancy – no names. Malina Folsom married (1) Middleton McKey; (2) Elum McKey; (3) Caleb Impson (son of Isaac and Nancy Impson); (4) John Freeney. She had three children: Solomon H. McKey, born 02-28-1855; Matilda McKey, born 05-05-1856; Ida Freeney. Lucy Ann Folsom married John Lacy and there were no children. Lucy Ann lived with James and Amy (Folsom) Beams in 1855. Amy was Samuel Folsom’s cousin by Tennessee Folsom. Mitchell married but no information was available. He had one child, Robert Folsom, which may be the Robert Folsom that was listed on the roll.

Children of Joseph and Lizzie Folsom:
Wilson Folsom born 06-14-1898 at Bennington, Indian Territory and died 07-05-1949. He is buried in Old Church cemetery at Bennington, Oklahoma. He married Leona Lightfoot at Matoy, Their children are J.D. Folsom, born 06-04-1919 and died 02-23-1956. He was a Sgt. And served during world War II; Thelma Loneta Folsom, born 08-10-1924 and married James Brese 04-10-1943; Tommie Louise Folsom, born 10-27-1927 and married Charles Louis Robison 1948; Randol Vance Folsom, born 10-22-1932 and married Kay Hawkins, then second marriage was to Betty Jo Foster; Mary Jo Folsom, born 04-12-1937 and married Vernon Hollingsworth, Sr., 12-28-1954. Louis Folsom born 05-30-1900 at Bennington, Indian Territory and died 11-07-1982. He is buried in the Bokchito Cemetery at Bokchito, Oklahoma. When he was young he had a horse named “Angelo”. He married Addie Mae Wood on 11-16-1922. Their children are: James Louis Folsom, born 12-16-1922; Bonnie Jean Folsom, born 02-18-1927 and married Luther Tidwell 02-17-1950; George Grover Folsom, born 01-25-1932 and married Myrtle Mae Stokes. Saul Folsom is buried in the Folsom Family Cemetery in north Bryan County. Joe Mitchell Folsom is buried in the Folsom Family cemetery. Alfred Folsom, no other information available. Grace Lorine Pierce, daughter of Lizzie and Millard Pierce. She was born 06-06-1912 and is buried in the Caddo Cemetery at Caddo, Oklahoma next to Lizzie. It seems that Saul, Joe Mitchell, Alfred, and Grace all died young.

Louise Folsom was a friend of my grandpa, Charlie Jefferson Layman which was a husband of my grandma Thelma Beams. Often you could find Louis and Charlie sitting on the “spit and chew bench” on the main street of Bokchito. Louis also visited Charlie’s house. He was always nice and very well mannered. Louie use to call his house “his shack”. In reality, Louie had a very nice house. J.D. Folsom had four sons, Macky Vance, born 12-14-1946 and died 03-27-1995. He married Patricia Pierce; Michael; Jackie Dewayne: and Nathan Paul