Folsom, Frank Dora

Frank Dora Folsom

Frank Dora Folsom was born in Indian Territory on January 1,1875 to the parents of William and Rosa Elizabeth Folsom. He was 3/8 Choctaw and apparently proud of his heritage as he was responsible for the enrollment of himself and family with the Dawes Commission as a member of the Five Civilized Tribes. He attended Spencer Academy, a Choctaw national School in southern Oklahoma for two years. It was the first boy’s board school to be opened by the Choctaw after the Civil War. Boys were selected between the ages of twelve and eighteen and had to be able to read at a third grade level. On October 17, 1899 at Oak Lodge, Indian Territory, he wed a Polish immigrant named Mary G. Funk. They had three children: Frank Davis, Fletcher Daniel, and Augusta Victoria. According to the 1900 Census, he was a carpenter by trade. In 1904, he filed petition to have the restrictions upon the alienation of his allotment removed. At that time, he owned seven head of cattle, plows, harrows, etc., necessary for the use of one horse and earned approximately $250 a year derived from the collection of rents. Just a year later, documents show that his apparent good sense for business had yielded substantial financial increases. He sold 100 one-year-old steers and 100 two-year-old steers in Garland, Oklahoma for $1,100. He also signed a five-year contract, leasing some of his land in Garland for $725 a year. He died at the age of 31 years, on either January 6 or March 6, 1907 at the home of his sister, Delia. Before his death, he requested to be buried on his allotted land west of Spiro, in the Bokoshe area. His grave is marked only by a worn sandstone rock. His oldest son, Frank Davis is buried beside him, dying at the age of 15, from probable pneumonia. Fletcher Daniel, the youngest, invented and patented a part for the cotton picker and “The Picker Man” became his trademark. Being left handed, he was affectionately referred to as “Lefty”. His only daughter, Augusta Victoria Folsom Goines lived to the age of 93.