Ferrante, Charley Carolina

Charley Carolina Ferrante
Submitted by: Granddaughter Susan Thompson

Charley Carolina Ferrante was born April 10, 1903 in Celestine, Oklahoma. His mother was a full-blood Choctaw Indian and his father was a full-blood Italian. They reared eight children between them. I remember my grandfather all too well. He was a kind, gentle and loving grandfather. He married my grandmother and they had eight children of their own. One child died at the age of 3 1/2 months old. Charley moved to Arizona shortly after their home had been blown away in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Charley was a quiet person, patient to all others around him. He taught us some everyday living techniques that seemed foreign to us. My grandfather was the best.

He went to mechanic school in Kansas and was a mechanic by trade. He also enjoyed a garden in the back of his home. He taught my mother, Ruby how to fish with the least of means of store bought items. She said that he taught her how to carve a fishing pole out of a stick. Ruby enjoyed it very much. Ruby is my mother. My grandfather died November 8, 1985 in Glendale, Arizona. He was buried with his wife of 50+ years. His wife, Ruby preceded him in death in 1983.

Grandpa always had time for his children and grandchildren. I will always remember that every time we would go and visit grandpa, he would insist on us eating or taking a fig home with us. He was always a preventative medicine person. He wouldn’t drive a car, only a bicycle to go where he needed to go. He never went to the doctor. My grandfather will never be forgotten and I only wish that his wisdom were here for me and my daughter, Alicia today. He is sorely missed by all. Not too much is known about my great great-grandmother, Carolina Ferrante. Just that she emigrated from Rome, Italy with her son, Sante Ferrante around the 1900’s. My great-grandmother, Isabinda Woods-Ferrante was a full blood Choctaw Indian and her father’s name was Almon Woods. She was adopted by Abner and Sealy A. Woods. Other than that not too much is known. I am researching our lineage.