Farr, Arthur Thomas

Submitted by: Ann F. Pipkin

Arthur Thomas Farr was born February 14, 1879 at Tom, Red River County, CN.

His father was John Gist Farr, born December 1, 1847 to Thomas G. and Anna Jane (Cotter) Farr in Union County South Carolina, and his mother, Anna Eliza Harris was born January 2, 1861 to William Riley and Eliza Ann Cornelia (Pitchlynn) Harris near Eagletown, Eagle County, CN.

George Churchill Farr, born November 25, 1884, Red River County, CN; Inez Elizabeth Farr born June 2, 1887 near Antlers, Jacks Fork County, CN; Estelle Margarite Farr, born February 3, 1890, Antlers, Jacks Fork County, CN; John Gist Farr, Jr., born August 27, 1893, Antlers, Jacks Fork County, CN.

He attended the school established by Colonel Coleman Nelson, a half Choctaw preacher, in western edge of Antlers, and later married Lena Poulter, daughter of Thomas Poulter in Antlers on January 1, 1901. They kept the marriage a secret for over six months while Lena finished school. Finally Lena showed up at his father’s house and announced the marriage.

His mother’s brother, Henry Churchill Harris was a Judge on the Choctaw Supreme Court and one time delegate of the tribe in Washington, D.C. His great uncle, Peter P. Pitchlynn was Chief of the Choctaws, 1864-66.

Arthur T. Farr was born at Tom in Eagle County, CN and lived there with his parents until about age three or four, when the family moved to Pleasant Hill Community near his mother’s brother, Judge Henry C. Harris. About 1886 or 1887 they moved to a saw mill near the mouth of Beaver Creek near what is now Antlers, Oklahoma. When the railroad was completed in 1887, they moved to Antlers. The Farr home was on the main street of town. After Arthur and Lena were married they are believed to have lived in Antlers until Arthur received his Choctaw allotment of land which was about seven miles east of Antlers on the west bank of the Kiamichi River. They moved to this farm soon there after and built a large house with rooms in the attic.

Arthur’s early years were spent in working for his father in the farming business. After he was married, he went into farming and the raising of livestock for himself. He was always active in politics. He was a leader of the Republican party in Pushmataha County until his death. He worked for the party in county, state, and federal elections. When there were enough children in his community to warrant an elementary school, he gave the land and had a fund-raising to pay for the building. He gave enough to have privilege to name the school. He was a precinct official at the Cora Lena for his eldest daughter. He was a precinct official at the Cora Lena voting precinct. During the early years of the depression, he was a very generous person. Also during the depression, he provided some food and meats to his widowed sister, Inez.

The last few years of his life, Arthur and Lena moved into Antlers. He died at Antlers, Oklahoma on June 13, 1963. Lena died two months later on August 31, 1963.

Names and Birthdates of Descendents:

(1) (1) Arthur Gist “Son” Farr, born March 14, 1902 in Antlers, Oklahoma, died April 3, 1964 at Antlers, Oklahoma, of cancer. He married Pearl Clay on May 25, 1924 at Antlers. He was a long time postal employee in Pushmataha County. He served in WWII as Staff Sgt. He was an original enrollee.

(2) (2) Cora Lena Farr, born July 31, 1910 at Antlers, Oklahoma. She married Claud McCain on December 31, 1939 at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Cora was a long time teaching at Hugo, Oklahoma. She presently lives in Oklahoma City.

(3) (3) Bess Farr, born July 4 ,1913 at Antlers, Oklahoma and died July 30, 1992, in Oklahoma City. She married Harvey Pennington on January 20,1940. they owned and operated the Pushmataha County Abstract Company. After his death she operated the Dixie Shop, a ladies ready-to-wear, from her home in north Antlers.

(4) (4) Billy Farr, born January 9, 1916 at Antlers, Oklahoma. Died of cancer May 24, 1960. He married Vivian (Almond) Williams. Bill was a veteran of he Korean War and a long time employee of the agriculture conservation program at Antlers.

(5) (5) George Churchill Farr, born November 10, 1918 at Antlers, Oklahoma. He was an Army Air Corps pilot in WWII in SW Pacific. He was shot down in New Guinea in early 1943. He was killed in an airplane accident as a lieutenant Colonel at Aurora, Colorado on August 9, 1958. He married Jonnie Marie Carter (Chickasaw) on June 14, 1943. She lives in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Mr. Farr has seven grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, four great great grandchildren and two step great great grandchildren.