Ervin, William L. (Bill)

William L. (Bill) Ervin

Birthdate: June 21, 1862 in Doaksville, Indian Territory
Date of Death: December 10, 1918 in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. Shot in the back.
Buried: Sulphur Cemetery (South of Hartshorne, Oklahoma, near Blue Valley)
Calvin David Ervin, born in North Carolina on 06-21-1816 and died in Hartshorne, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, on 12-10-1892
Sallie Gibson (Indian name-Abafukubbee), born in Mississippi and died in Doaksville, Indian Territory, buried there in the family garden.
Calvin David Ervin was a school teacher, carpenter, and postmaster.
Sallie Gibson Ervin was the granddaughter of Hopia Iskitina (Little Prophet). Her grandfather, Hopia Iskitina, gave her his old buffalo horn spoon that he carried with his in the War of 1812, as a keepsake and for a safe journey, as she was leaving Mississippi, coming to the “Wilds of Indian Territory”.
Calvin and Sallie were married in Winston County, Mississippi in 1832.
Christopher Columbus Ervin, 12-25-1848 to 12-22-1932
Margaret Ervin Oakes, 11-27-1853 to 03-11-1938
Susan (Susie) Ervin Everidge, 06-10-1857 to 06-29-1891
Nancy Caroline Ervin Hampton, circa 1842
Emily (Emma) Ervin Willis, Ford, Carpenter, Christian, 06-20-1861 to 12-21-1936
Delilah Palina Ervin Willis, Clark, Stallard, Christian, Luther, Davis, circa 1847
Mary Jane Ervin Freeny
Alice Ervin Loman
Mary Ann Ervin
Rosa Miller (Illini Indian) born, Effingham, Illinois on 03-11-1870 and died in Hartshorne, Oklahoma on 02-28-1958.
They were married at Fort Towson, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.
Resided: Ti Valley, Oklahoma (Blue Valley) 4 miles southwest of Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
Children: 5 sons and 3 daughters
Columbus William Ervin, born 07-27-1887 and died 07-17-1967
Edward L. Ervin, born 06-10-1889 and died 05-07-1926
Simon Ervin, born circa 1892 and died 06-07-1936
James Calvin (Grady) Ervin born 12-26-1893 and died 06-07-1936
Ben Ervin, born 06-04-1900 and died 07-13-1934
Pearl Ervin, born 08-12-1891 and died 04-14-1973
Minnie Ervin, born 09-04-1895 and died 05-21-1991
Emma (Cus) Ervin, born circa 1898
Grandchildren: 15 grandsons and 9 granddaughters
Dallas Garland Ervin, born 08-19-1907 and died 04-14-1994
Alvin (Hawk) Ervin, born 06-28-1916
C.W. (Cal) Ervin, born 08-18-1921
Elmer Edward (Little Ed) Ervin, born 09-19-1912
William C. (Bubba) Ervin
Murle Ervin
Charles Ervin
Elvin Ervin
Melvin Ervin
Calvin (Green) Ervin
Bidley (Ben) Ervin
Joe Ervin
Calvin Barnes, born 09-03-1907 and died 06-20-1961
Neil (Buddy) Jones
Little Willie Ervin, born 02-12-1910 and died 10-24-1915
Daisy B. Ervin Larmour, born 10-20-1924
Thelma Ervin, born 1909 and died 1991
Aileen Ervin
Jeanetta Ervin
Noble Ervin
Sue Ervin
Wanda Ervin
Minnie Ervin
Dee Cee Ervin
Amy Ervin
There were at least 6 grandchildren who died shortly after birth.
Jobs, Hobbies, and Interests:
William L. (Bill) Ervin was a light horseman for the Choctaw Nation and was present at the last Choctaw execution. He followed cattle for a living. He bought and sold cattle and drove them for other people. He played a lot of Indian ball. He was a direct descendent of Hopia Iskitina, Choctaw Chief and leader.