Ervin, Colmbus William

Columbus William Ervin

Birthdate: July 27, 1885 or 1887 in Fort Towson, Indian Territory.
Date of Death: July 17, 1967, Castro Valley, California.
Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
William L. (Bill) Ervin
Born: Doaksville, Indian Territory in 1862
Died: Hartshorne Oklahoma in 1918.
Rosa Miller (Illini Indian)
Born: Effingham, Illinois on 03-11-1870
Died: Hartshorne, Oklahoma on 02-28-1958.
They were married at Towson County, Indian Territory on 08-15-1995.
Edward L. Ervin, 06-10-1889 to 05-07-1926;
Simon Ervin, circa 1892 to 06-24-1967;
James Calvin (Grady) Ervin, 12-26-1893 to 06-07-1936;
Pearl Ervin, 08-12-1891 to 04-14-1973
Minnie Ervin, 09-04-1895 to 05-21-1991;
Emma Ervin, circa 1898.
All were original enrollees.
Attended School: Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
Established by Choctaw Oklahoma and Gulf Mining Company, kept up by taxes paid by the miners.
Jones Academy, 5 years, quit in 1904
Lillie Mae Tucker
Born: Harrison, Arkansas on 10-11-1889
Died: Castro Valley California on 12-17-1891
They were married at Arch, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, 1906.
Blue Valley (located 4 miles southwest of Hartshorne, Oklahoma) and in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
Children: 3 sons and 2 daughters
Dallas Garland Ervin, 08-19-1907 to 04-14-1994;
Alvin (Hawk) Ervin, 06-28-1916;
C.W. (Cal) Ervin, 08-18-1921.
Little Willie Ervin, 02-12-1910 to 12-24-1915;
Daisy B. Ervin Larmour, 10-20-1924.
Grandchildren: 5 grandsons and 4 granddaughters
John William Ervin, 07-16-1929;
Benjamin Gregory (Ben) Ervin, 09-13-1944;
Steve Ervin, 03-14-1946;
Donald Larmour, 04-04-1946;
Michael Alvin Ervin, 05-07-1955.
Gloria Fay Ervin, 03-15-1941;
Alvera Jane Ervin, 01-01-1947;
Toni Therese Ervin Brown, 10-15-1951;
Connie Marie Ervin, 08-16-1954.
Great Grandchildren: 8 great grandsons, 16 great granddaughters
Great Grandsons:
Benjamin Gregory (Greg) Ervin, II, 09-13-1968;
Donald Jonathan Larmour, 02-04-1979;
James Gregory Roberson, 08-23-1962;
Michael Don Roberson, 05-29-1964;
Stephen Ervin Barrier, 06-11-1973;
Todd Allen Barrier, 01-05-1976;
Tony Jack Barrier, 11-07-1978;
Willie Michael Ervin, 03-05-1991.
Great Granddaughters:
Leslie Ervin Sexson, 01-16-1958;
Laurie Ervin Southard, 09-05-1959;
Rebecca Ervin Phansalkar, 12-29-1965;
Angela Ervin Gomez, 03-24-1970;
Lisa Ervin, 06-05-1974;
Amy Larmour Guerino, 04-20-1971;
Jodie Larmour, 07-24-1973;
Penny Jo Roberson Van Shoubrouek, 05-14-1957;
Theresa Marie Ervin Canant, 10-20-1971;
Keli Jo Ervin, 10-02-1973;
Stormy Renae Barrier Hopson, 09-28-1971;
Amber Lynn Brown martin, 09-24-1972;
Janie Michelle brown, 09-11-1977;
Vanessa Marie Ervin, 06-17-1982;
Megan Leigh Ervin, 07-10-1989;
Karen Ashley Ervin, 01-02-1990.
Great Great Grandchildren: 6 boys and 8 girls
Great Great Grandsons:
Cory Sexson;
Jonnathan Southard;
Austen Jones Van Shoubrouek;
Casey Allen Barrier;
Stephen Blake Barrier;
Chiristian Tanner Hopson.
Great Great Granddaughters:
Kara Sexson;
Erin Sexson;
Gabrielle Southard;
Sarah Jane Van Shoubrouek;
Brittnay Dawn Roberson;
Kelsey June Roberson;
Lauren Nicole Hopson;
Dakota Lynn Hopson.
Cole miner, carpenter, Indian ACC foreman, and during World War II he worked at Westinghouse Air Brakes.
Hobbies and Interests:
Indian ball, collection stamps and coins, hunting and fishing, watch wrestling on T.V. and listening to country and western music.

Columbus William Ervin was a descendent of Hopia Iskitin, Choctaw Chief and leader. His family was a pioneer family to Indian Territory. Columbus was a member of the Neighborhood church in Castro Valley California. He was a kind, gentle, quiet man, who was slow t anger. He was very pleasant and had a good sense of humor. He was very responsible and worked hard all his life supporting his family. He was a devoted husband and father