Ema-yah-tubbe, Wallace

Wallace Emi-yah-tubbe Original Enrollee
Submitted by: Ruthie Imes

Wallace Emiyahtubbe/Ameahtubbee was born in Newton County, Mississippi to Billy Ameahtubbee-Emiyahtubbe/Mehahtubbee (maternal grandfather of Polk McAlvin original enrollee and his mother was probably one Oshtahoba, a Sixtowns Choctaw who was sister to Ahtokawa, Captain of the Sixtowns.

Wallace Emiyahtubbee was born about 1845 and married a woman named Nancy. They came from Mississippi to Oklahoma and settled in McMillan, Indian Territory in 1903.

Their children are as follows: Martha Emiyahtubbe, Minnie Emiyahtubbe, Flemmon Emiyahtubbe, Johnnie Emiyahtubbe, Jim Wallace, and Beely Emiyahtubbe Simpson