Dwight, Honorable Ben

Interviewed by Amelia F. Harris, 5th Floor Key Building, Oklahoma City, March 23 1958

My great grandparents sold their possessions back in Mississippi to the Government and came with the Indians to the Territory in 1832. they took up their residence near Skullyville and began their home-making with a skillet, an ax, a pig and a sled and immediately sat about improving their land. They first ran a furrow around eighty acres of fine land then later they took up more as the Indians could hold more land during Indian Territory days. Their first home was a double log house, located near a big spring of water which formed a small running branch; this is true to the Indian custom to select a home site hear water. There was an old family graveyard about a quarter of a mile from their house which is abut eighty-five years old. My great grandparents, their children and many of the grandchildren are buried here. this was also a custom among all Indians to have their own burial ground near their homes. My uncle, Judge Tom Hunter, raised a full blood Choctaw boy, Henry Wilson, who allotted my maternal grandfather’s old home place which includes this old burial ground. Mother was o ne-half blood Choctaw and her education was attained at Tuskahoma and Caddo. My great grandfather and grandmother Dwight lived o n their farm near Mayhew (Boswell). They were full blood Choctaws from Mississippi and they, too, had their own family burial ground. When grandfather Dwight grew to manhood he took his land near Pigeon Roost, Jackson County, Choctaw Nation, at which place my father was born and grew to manhood. He attended the neighborhood schools until he was ten years old, then attended Spencer Academy six years and after finishing her he was sent to Center College, Danville, Kentucky, from which school he was graduated with honors finishing at the age of twenty-one. In 1886 he was elected representative of Jackson County and held this position until 1888. In 1889 Father was married to Miss Janey Hunter and they established their home near grandmother Hunter near Mayhew post office and father was active in farming and stock raising.