Dendy, Herbert Buck

Herbert Buck Dendy was born September 7, 1903, in Allen, Oklahoma. He attended school at East Central, Ada, Oklahoma. His father was Daniel Baker Dendy, February 10, 1856 to June 11, 1942. He was born in Waterloo, South Carolina. His mother was Lenora Anabella Dendy (Williams), February 27, 1878 to October 4, 1961. She was born in Walnut Hill, Williams Mountain, Eagle County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Herbert had two brothers and four sisters and all of them were original enrollees except Lenora Leona because she was born too late to be on the rolls. Samuel Dendy, October 31, 1893 to July 4, 1924; James Lindly Dendy, May 15, 1899 to June 13, 1985; Minnie Idella (Dendy) Jameson, March 3, 1897 to October 21, 1975; Ozella (Dendy) McDonald, July 31, 1901 to September 25, 1990; Yula Beryl (Dendy) Urice, September 1, 1907 to December 22, 1992. Herbert married Leona Riley in 1935 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Notable ancestors are Chief Moshulatubbee (maternal ancestor); U.S. Grant (paternal ancestor). Buck was a teacher and a coach following his graduation from college. In 1935 Buck had a laryngectomy operation at the Mayo Clinic, which he survived very well. During the early years following his operation, he was in the oil business and with the help of his wife, built and managed several motels in Oklahoma and Arkansas. He returned to the field of education as the Superintendent of the Whitaker State School. We take great pride in the fact that he was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 1955 and became one of its most respected members.