Crawford, Willie Arthur

Willie Arthur Crawford

Willie Arthur Crawford original Choctaw enrollee was born March 3, 1905. His dad George Barnett Crawford was an original Choctaw enrollee. He was bore 1881. George Barnett married Elizabeth Jolley in 1904.

They had four sons: Willie Arthur, born March 3, 1905, and died 1947; Samuel Floyd, born April 1, 1908, died of kidney failure April 25, 1933 and was buried at Crystal Cemetery, Crystal, Oklahoma; Lane Lloyd, born November 16, 1909 and died April 14, 1992, Antlers, Oklahoma and buried at Crystal Cemetery, Crystal, Oklahoma; and Beverly (Bud), born February 5, 1912, died January 7, 1990, and was buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Medford, Oregon.

George Barnett and Elizabeth died in 1954 and are buried at Bennington where they had lived for over 50 years.

Willie Arthur had 160 acres of upland allotted to him, near Madill, Oklahoma. His dad, George Barnett had 80 acres of bottom land allotted to him near Madill, Oklahoma.

Willie Arthur married his first wife, Zada Mae Deaton, August 5, 1924 at Hugo, Oklahoma. They had three children: Lonnie Herman, July 1-, 1925, Mary Elizabeth, 1926, and John Barney, 1929. Mary Elizabeth died at about age 2 years old and is buried at Blanchard, Oklahoma. Zada Mae died May 30, 1929 from complications of giving birth to John Barney, and is buried at Tuttle, Oklahoma. John Barney died 2 or 3 weeks later and is buried at Tuttle, Oklahoma by his mother , Zada. Lonnie is living at Crystal, Oklahoma near Lane, Oklahoma.

Willie Arthur later married Vada Bashanger at Blanchard, Oklahoma. A son, John Rich, was born to them in 1930. He died June 14, 1993 and is buried at Blanchard, Oklahoma next to his mother. Vada (Crawford) Stubblefield.

Willie Arthur and his dad George Barnett sold their Indian allotted land and bought a section of land together. The Depression hit and they lost it all. Later on someone looked Willie Arthur up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and bought the mineral rights from his allotted land for $150. He later found out that there was six oil wills on the land that he had sold the mineral rights to. Willie Arthur married his third wife, Fayola Fullingim in January 1933. To them were born Mildred Bernice, December, 1933; Lorene Francis, 1935, died 1936 and buried at Anson, Texas; Verna Mae, 1937; Mack Arthur, 1940; Joyce Marie, 1943; Jimmy Don, 1946, died 1980 and buried in Fresno, California.

Willie Arthur died in 1947 in a field accident near Rolinda, California, and is buried at Kerman, California. Fayola was with child when Willie Arthur died. Willie Arvile was born August 15, 1947. Fayola died in 1996 and is buried at Fresno, California by her son Jimmy Don.