Costilow, Lena Mae

Lena Mae Costilow
Submitted by: James William Touchstone, son.

My mother was Lena Mae Costilow, born 09-05-1896 son died 01-15-1985. She was ¼ Choctaw . Her parents were Jennie Lila (Durant) Costilow and Elijah Costilow. Jennie was ½ Choctaw with roll #1016. She was born 04-04-1871 and died 04-06-1914. He and Jennie married on 08-11-1895.

Lena Mae married George J. Touchstone (born 03-17-1880 and died on 08-03-1974) on 12-20-1911 in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. George had two Children by a previous marriage. They were Mason, born 01-19-1903 and died 10-20-1970; and Inez Touchstone, born 12-19-1905 and is still living.

George J. and Lena Mae had nine children. They were: Georgia Bell, born 08-11-1913; James William, born 01-18-1915; Bessie Marie, born 06-27-1918; Raymond Gene, born 10-22-1920; Ernest, born 10-24-1922; Charles Daniel, born 07-06-1924 and died 10-22-1926; Harold, born 05-28-1927; George Junior, born 04-17-1929; Jack, born 01-31-1932. Nine of the eleven children are still living as of March 8,1995.

George J. and Lena Mae lived around the Lukfata area near Broken Bow, Oklahoma all of their life. George was a businessman. He was in the insurance business, a retail store owner and County Commissioner for several years. After retirement, his hobby was wood work. He had a work shop and built such things as furniture, porch swings, lamps, etc.,br/>

Lena Mae was a homemaker all of her life. There was a time when she took care of her eleven children, two nieces, two brothers, her father-in-law and her mother-in-law. She was a very busy homemaker.

I, James William, was born 01-18-1915 in the Holly Creek area and have lived here all my 82 years. On 01-06-1949, I married Dorothy Lee Edmondson and we have two sons: James William, Jr., born 01-18-1959, and Joseph Ray, born 11-19-1967. We have one grandchild, Kassandra Dean Touchstone, born 02-16-1995 which probably makes us the oldest first time grandparents in McCurtain County.

Family members tell me that our Durant ancestors came from Mississippi on the “Trail of Tears”. Also, I have been told that my grandmother, Jennie Lila Durant Costilow was a cousin to Chief William A. Durant.