Clay, Henry

Henry Clay
Submitted by: Betty Lorena Caldwell Warder.

Henry Clay served in the Confederate Army as Lt., 1st Choctaw Mounted Rifles. Being promoted to Captain he returned from service in the war. He was a teacher and a member of the Choctaw Council. He was married to Wilsie Carne Durant, who was previously married to Steven Durant. Herny lived only a short time, dying of pneumonia after riding home in the rain from court. “Henry Clay was the father of Abner Clay, who attended Roanoke College, Virginia. It was said that Abner was one of the brightest young men that went to Roanoke College. After his return form school he was elected to the office of Persecuting Attorney for Second District but was killed by someone who was afraid of him. ” He officiated at the last legal execution in the Choctaw Nation just before Oklahoma became a state. This was the William goings trial reported by A.W. Neville a young reporter for the Paris news, later editor. Mattie Edith Densor, Mary’s mother, was born in Old Parclifta, Sevier County, Arkansas. She grew up near Lockesburg, Arkansas. She traveled with her Baptist preacher father to the Choctaw Nation where she was later destined to go teach at the Lukfatah Neighborhood School in Boktuklo County, Choctaw Nation. After her divorce from Henry Clay she took her four children to Grady County, Oklahoma where their Choctaw enrollment allotments were located. Mary Lyda grew up in Ninnekah, Grady County. The great cattle drives on the Old Chisholm Trail inflicted a life long fear and dislike of cows. Mattie established the family and saw to it that they were cared for and properly educated. Mary went to business college in Chillicothe, Mo. After which she became a bookkeeper in Oklahoma City at the ripe old age of 16. Abner Henry contracted tuberculosis in the army during World War I and died in 1919. The family doctor advised Mattie to move the family to a dry climate in order to protect her children from the disease. Mattie and her married daughter, Lorena, wife of William Schmitt, and Mary settled in New Mexico in 1920. Myrtle married Knaiwha (Knoy) Triiplett and moved to Kentucky. In 1922 Mary married L.B. “Dan” Caldwell and lived in Albuquerque near her mother, Mattie. They had one child, a daughter named Betty Lorena Warder. Mary died April 24, 1984.