Choate, C. C. Uncle Bud

March 22, 1937 McAlester, Oklahoma Interviewed by John M. Pearce

William R. Chunn was a Lighthorseman, an office similar to that of our sheriff now. He ran and was elected to office by a large majority o n the promise he had made that he would capture an Indian known as Oklahoma who was a bad outlaw. He said, if he was elected, he would bring Oklahoma in dead or alive. When elected he deputized a Negro by the name of Alex Fliepy and an Indian by the name of Dave Mishomahtubbee as his two deputies. They started out to find and capture the outlaw. They captured him and brought him to William R. Chunn’s house which was located at Perryville, Indian Territory, where the Indians held court at that time. The Indians had no jail and the prisoner was kept in o ne room of the officer’s house until everything was ready for trial. While court was getting ready to start, Oklahoma, the prisoner, pried off a plank in the room where he was kept and slipped out of the house. Just at this moment Mrs. Chunn, wife of the officer, noticed the prisoner going west from the house. The two deputies started after him as he was jumping over the corral fence. When he started to jump the last fence o n the west side, Alex Fliepy shot and killed Oklahoma. Alex knew if Oklahoma got over this fence and into the timber he was gone as the timber was very thick and it would be impossible to trace this man who was so at home in the woods.

Comments: Old Uncle Bud Choate was born near Indianola, Oklahoma, about 1861, and is a member of the Choctaw tribe of Indians. Up until the time he moved to North McAlester he was very active as a farmer and stockman but he is now too old to be active. Rheumatism has crippled him so that he is hardly able to walk. He now draws and Old Age Pension. Despite Uncle Bud’s advanced years he is very kind and still has a very sunny disposition that makes him liked by everyone who knows him.