Carl S. Aduddell - submitted by Susan Aduddell

Some time after his father’s death in 1914, Carl moved to Pocasset, Oklahoma. He worked for Robert “San” Osborn, and made his home with San’s family until he joined the Army in 1917. He married San’s daughter Maude on November 9, 1918. After leaving the service in 1919, he returned to Pocasset, where he and Maude had three children. Their son Carl Osborn Aduddell was born in 1920. Their two other babies, a boy and a girl, died at birth.

Carl’s mother Annie Frazier was born on March 18, 1878. Annie was orphaned at a very young age, and she and her sister Cordelia lived for a while with Joseph Pitchlynn Folsom, their mother’s cousin. Then Annie lived and was educated at an Indian orphanage in southeastern Oklahoma, most likely Wheelock Academy, since records indicate that her sister Cordelia lived there. Annie married John Aduddell on April 10, 1898 under United States jurisdiction and on May 15, 1899 under Choctaw law in Tobucksy County. Annie died on October 10, 1899, near Scipio.

Carl’s grandparents (i.e. Annie’s parents) were Emily Beames, who was Choctaw, and Benjamin Frazier, who was Chickasaw.

Emily Beames married four times, and had 4 sons and 3 daughters.

Carl’s great-grandparents (i.e. Annie’s grandparents and Emily’s parents) were James Beames and Amy Folsom. James was a Blue County warrior of the Choctaw Nation.