Brashears, Buster

Buster Brashears

Buster Brashears was born January 8, 1903 at Spiro, Indian Territory to Tobias and Bessie (Howard) Brashears. It is not known where his father came from to Indian Territory but his mother came from Poplar, Missouri. Buster had one brother and two sisters. They were: William Jennings-born January 27 1901; Viola – born October 29, 1904 and Bertie – born August 10, 1915. William and Viola both were original enrollees. Buster attended school at Lona, near Quinton. Later, he married Jimmie Vaught at Stigler and they lived at Kinta, OK. They had two children: Betty Jo – born December 20, 1924 and Jack Thomas – born December 20, 1928. Buster was a farmer-stockman until retirement. He started farming with two gray mules and they served him well, having lived to about twenty-seven years old. They also pulled a wagon when the family went to church, singings and visiting until the great day when a new FORD was purchased in 1940. A highlight of his youth was when he and a cousin took a train from Quinton to Muskogee, Oklahoma, to attend the State Fair in Muskogee. They stayed all night in a hotel and returned home the next day. What a thrill for a couple of sixteen year olds and the excitement of two boys traveling alone. Buster enjoyed being with people and would stop and visit at every opportunity. Back when it was safe to do so, he would pick up hitchhikers and give them a ride, but also visit with them because he was interested in their life story. In his later years, he did several latch hook rugs. He also became proud of his cooking ability after the death of his wife. He loved to share recipes, goodies, etc. It became a tradition for him to make fruitcake at Christmas to share with his friends, even the last Christmas when he was in the rest home and insisted that a friend make them for him so he could still share. He died May 13, 1993. Grandchildren: James Clark Haggar-born 04-20-1945; Barbara Jo Haggard-born 06-15-1946; Jerald David Haggard-born 10-09-1960; Linda Brashears-born 03-14-1955; Michelle Brashears-born 11-08-1961; John Carl Brashears-born 08-31-1965. There were twelve great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.