Beams, George Washington

George Washington Beams

George Washington Beams was born 3-24-1868 in Indian Territory to Isom Beams and Mary Johnson Beams. He died 10-26-1933 in McAlester, OK at the age of 65. He married Sally Rosalee (Holloway) Lewis. Sally was born 8-25-1877, in Louisiana to Jim Holloway and Matilda (Baskin) Holloway. She died in McAlester, OK 7-29-1974 at the age of 97. Sally’s first marriage was to Silan Lewis when she was seventeen years old and Silan was in his early sixties. Their marriage only lasted a very short time because he was sentenced and executed under the old Choctaw law and history states that his execution was the “Last Legal Choctaw Tribal Execution – 1894”. George W. Beams and Sally Rosalee Beams reared nine children: Edna Mae Beams, born 7-27-1897 at Blanco, Indian Territory and died 2-3-1989 at the age of 92. She married Todd Godfrey, who died young.

Later, he married Bertha Bogner. Hattie Loutisha Beams, born 5-8-1906 at Blanco, Indian Territory and died 9-19-1971. She married Mose Lewis and they had one daughter, Selah Rose Wright. Her second marriage was to Abner Wright and they had one daughter, Kay Wright.

Richard Overton Beams, Sr., born 1-10-1908 in McAlester, OK and died in McAlester on 9-20-1958. He married Marietta Kendrick and they had two children:

2.Billie Saundra Beams, born 6-18-1936. They had four children: · Saundra Kay Smith; · Charles Lon Smith; · Brenda Louis Smith.

Richard Sr’s second marriage was to Hazel Muller and they had two daughters:

3.Carole Ann Beams, born 11-2-1939. She married Joseph Beene and they had four children: · Theresa Lee Pallan, born 3-19-1957; · Toni Elizabeth Allen, born 1-1-1960; · Laura Lee Stanton, born 11-22-1966; · Christina Louisa Stanton, born 1-16-1969.

4.Elizabeth Olive Beams, born 11-13-1943. She had two children: · Michael Howard Duff, born 9-8-1964; · Rachel Elizabeth Wagner, born 5-13-1970.

Sally Geneiva Beams, born 9-1-1911 in McAlester, OK. She married Earl Samuel Gibson and they had four children: Virginia Gibson, born 3-25-1944; Nancy Gibson, born 2-3-1947; Samuel Gibson, born 6-16-1950; and Tom Gibson, born 10-10-1953.

Audrey Lucille Beams, born 4-17-1919. She married Alan Calahan and they had two children, Richard and Nile Calahan.