Beams, Arthur J.

Choctaw Sheriff of Woodville January 13, 1938

I am Choctaw Indian, and was born near Bennington, I went to school at Black Jack Grove, near Bennington, in a o­ne-room log house and Sally Floyd was the teacher. I o­nly went to school two years. My father, Calvin Beams, was Sheriff of Blue County. He was with the officers when they killed George Carpenter, o­ne of the noted Carpenter horse thieves. There were twenty-four buckshot’s in his body.

My mother was a full-blood Choctaw I was married before I know she had a sister and brother, she had never mentioned them to me. One day I had a letter inquiring about my mother, the write stating she was a sister of my mother; I answered the letter and told her my mother had no sister, but before I mailed the letter my wife told me I had better talk to my mother. I did and she told me about the sister and brother who were placed with a family when small, after her mother died, and she had never head from them. The write proved to be my mother’s sister and made us a visit. The brother had did several years before.

When I was a boy of seven, I went fishing with my father o­n Sulphur Creek between Bennington and Bokchito; we fished awhile and then my father said, “Come and I will show you were some gold is buried.” He went to a bluff near by and dug under the bluff and then removed a large rock, under which was a granite stewer, the bottom had rusted out of the stewer and the money was gone. I just remember all father said was, “The money is gone,” and then covered the hole up placing the rock back.