Beal, Myrtle Opal

Myrtle Opal Beal

Myrtle Opal Beal was born August 28, 1898 at Albany Oklahoma. She received her Choctaw lineage through her father, Thomas Turner Beal and her grandmother, Martha Ann (Marlow) Beal. Research in family history indicates Martha was a full blood Choctaw born in Alabama but when she moved to Oklahoma, she claimed to only be one-half Choctaw in order to escape strict rules of the Indian agents. Myrtle was raised on a farm and lived on the farm until later years. She married a man with the last name of Youree and she and her husband had six children. They were Juanita, Lucille, Eugene, Myrtle Faye, Patsy and Vonda Dean. She passed away on April 17, 1987 at that time; she had fourteen grandchildren and twenty-eight great-grandchildren. Myrtle was a housewife and worked on the farm with the family. Most of her housewife days were with little or no modern conveniences. Water had to be drawn from a well and carried to the house. Outside toilets were all they knew and they had no electricity. Most of their visitation was done by traveling in wagons. This was the lifestyle of many of our Choctaw original enrollees.