Battles, Henry Franklin & Susan (Monks)

Henry Franklin Battles/ Susan (Monks) Battles

Submitted by: Archie (Bud) and Doris Battles, grandson and wife.

The Henry Franklin Battles and Susan Monks families presumably came from Alabama and settled around Cameron, Indian Territory. Henry Franklin Battles born 12-23-1851, enrolled at Doaksville, Indian Territory and died 2-6-1936 at Gowen, OK. His father was G.W. Battles. Susan (Monks) Battles born 12-23-1856 to F.M. and Susan Monks. She was enrolled in Garris County and died 7-25-1937 at Ashland, OK. It is presumed that around Cameron, Indian Territory is where Henry and Susan met, married and started raising their family of four boys. From there, they moved to Wilburton where they had one girl and two more boys.

They farmed and the children went to a small school southwest of Wilburton. They named it the Battles School. Later, some of the boys went to Jones Academy. Later on, they were enrolled on the Choctaw Rolls and was allotted land around Ashland, Indian Territory. They moved to their land where they farmed and horse raced. Their children had all met, married and had children by this time. All of the grandchildren moved, with most of them going to Salt Plains, Van Horne and Ashland. Their children were:

Venita Jewell (Battles) Collie, born 11-13-1908 at Ashland. She married Jim Colie and there were no children;

Oran, born 8-13-1910 at Ashland. His first wife was Birtha ? and they had one son, Charles; Tollie (Dutch), born 6-20-1920 at Ashland and died 12-4-1953. He married Alice? And they had four children:

Mary Jo, Richard, Samuel and Linda; Archie Monroe (Bud), born 7-14-1914 at Wardville. He married Willie Doris Lenox, 12-30-1937 and they had two sons;

Kenneth Hoyt and Walter Roy. Kenneth was born 12-3-1939 and married Mary Alice Hogan. Walker Roy was born 11-24-1942. His first wife was Wilma Sturgeion then he married Gwen Pola Gormly.

Olen, born 11-22-1916 at Ashland. His wife was Joan; Henry Franklin (Dink), born 8-4-1914 at Ashland and died 3-11-1942. He had no children; Lucille, born 12-30-1920 at Ashland. She married Loyd Faris and they had two children, Shirley and Keith; Jake, born 4-19-1923 at Gowen. His wife’s name was Jean and they had two girls and one boy; Pauline, born 6-23-1928 at Wardville. She married J.B. Dave and they had one child, Pamela; George Washington, Jr. (Sam), born 7-15-1930 at Ashland. His wife’s name was Wanda and they had two children, Machala and Rodney. All of the children were born in Oklahoma within a few miles of each other.