Battles, Erma Eva Lillian

Erma Eva Lillian Battles

Submitted by: Lisa Spearman, granddaughter.

Erma Eva Lillian Battles was born 12-24-1888 in or around the Ashland, Indian Territory area. She attended school at Wardville, OK. I’m not sure how long she attended school but I know that she did not graduate from high school. She was an original enrollee but what saddens me is that she was at least one half Choctaw, but because the Indians were treated so badly during this time she put down the least amount she could to be on the roll. She married her first husband, Clarence Ivy and they had one child together. Her name was Merle (Ivy) Phelps. They later divorced, and then at the age of 23 she married James Wilburn Carter. He was born 12-14-1888 in or around the Greenwood, AR area. Thee only job I’m aware of Erma having besides picking cotton and raising her children as at the Navy Based in McAlester, OK. She and James had five children together: They were:

Mattie (Carter) Glass, born 1913 and died 1996; Willie George Carter, born around 1916 and died in 1994; Benjamin (Bud) Franklin Carter, born 11-23-1918 and died 3-6-1956; Clyde Elmer Carter, born 4-18-1927 and died 3-3-1989; Harold Ray Carter, born 7-13-1930.

Her daughter, Merle had eight children: Floyd Jackson Baxter, Sr.; Jean (Baxter) Reed; Francis (Phelps) Daugherty; David Phelps Sr.; George Phelps; Elsie (Phelps) Anderson; Jerry Phelps; and Wayne Phelps.

Their daughter Mattie had four children: Cleo (Glass) Trenthen; Jimmy Glass; Maye (Glass) Simmons; and Judy (Glass) Uber.

Their son Willie had five children: Benjamin Harley Carter; Gary Carter; Larry Carter; Donnie Carter; and Virginia
(Carter) Edera.

Their son Clyde had four children: Carol Ann (Carter) Shi; Patricia (Carter) Brown; Charles Eugene Carter; and Clyde Elmer (Butch) Carter, Jr.

Their son Ray had three children: Lester Ray Carter; James (Jimmy) Wilburn Carter II; and Lisa Ann (Carter) Spearman.

Grandma was proceeded in death by one son, Benjamin and her husband, James. He passed away 8-12-1971 at the age of 82 at the Latimer Nursing Home in Wilburton, OK. Grandma passed away 2-26-1975 at the age of 87, also, at the Latimer Nursing Home in Wilburton, OK.