Barnhill, Katie

Katie Barnhill

Submitted by: Gladys Constant, daughter

Katie Barnhill was born 5-9-1904 at Arpelar, Indian Territory, to Henry Franklin Barnhill and Mary (Baldwin) Barnhill. Her father was of German ancestry and her mother was full blood Choctaw. Her Choctaw grandparents were: George W. and Selina (Perry) Baldwin. Her paternal great grandparents were; David and Jennie Baldwin; Her maternal great grandparents were; Harlin Perry and Fa-la-mah Perry. Katie had 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters. None were Indian. She married Robert Franklin Moore in 1919. Robert was born 12-3-1896. The newlyweds lived at Arpelar, Indian Territory for several years, moving to the area of McAlester and Savanna, OK until about 1948. They spent their remaining years in Prineville, Oregon. Both, Robert and Katie Moore are buried at Juniper Haven Cemetery in Prineville, OR.

Names and birth dates of their children:

Edna Moore Tugmon-Doggett, born 6-12-1921 and died 7-1995; E. Troy Moore, born 6-10-1924 and died 7-1982; Jewel M. Moore Mooney, born 2-6-1926; Roy F. Moore, born 4-20-1928 and died 6-1972; Gladys M. Moore Constant, born 5-24-1935; H. Lloyd Moore, born 11-20-1938; E. Ray Moore, born 2-28-1941.

The grandchildren are:

F. Ann Moore McKensie; Homer L. Mooney, Jr.; Jerry L. Mooney; Phillip W. Mooney; Randy C. Mooney; Gregory N. Mooney; Frankie R. Moore; Debra R. Moore Fite; Frederick E. Constant; Jeanette M. Constant Lathrop; Robert W. Constant; Kathleen Moore; Robert J. Moore.

Great grandchildren are:

Sam and Troy McKensie; Todd; Ryan; Jessica; Julee; John; Michael; Trishia; Randy and Christopher Mooney; Shawna; Aaron; Jackie and Thomas Moore; Sallie and David Constant; Michael and Jeffrey Lathrop.

Note: Mary Baldwin Barnhill died when her only child, Katie Barnhill Moore, was seven months old. Katie knew very little about her mother except that TB was the cause of death. Katie Barnhill Moore died 6-19-1982 and Robert Franklin Moore died in June 1963. Katie was told that her grandfather, George Baldwin, had been married twice before and had children by them, totaling ten children. This was never verified, though. Gladys remembers an Aunt Lucy who was said to have been a daughter to George’s second wife. Also, there was a son, David Baldwin, mentioned in an affidavit in the National Archives.