Baldwin, George

Original Enrollee

George Baldwin

Submitted by: Gladys Constant, great granddaughter

George married Selina Perry, daughter of Harlin Perry and Fa-la-mah. George’s parents were David and Jennie Baldwin. Both sets of parents were full blood Choctaw. The Dawes Roll shows four children enrolled. They were: Samuel was 18 years old in 1893 but died before September 25, 1903. The next child was Mary and was 15 in 1893. She was my grandmother. The third child was Eliza and the fourth child was Jesse. He was 7 years old in the year 1893. They were enrolled at Arpelar, Indian Territory.

Mother, Katie was told that George Baldwin had two wives before Selina and both had died. He had children by all three wives, a total of 10 children. However, I was unable to verify this story. I remember a great aunt Lucy and I believe she was the daughter of George by his second wife. Lucy had only one daughter, named Emma. I do not know Lucy’s married name. I was about 5 years old when Lucy died (1940 or 1941). I remember Mama was very close. One affidavit shows that John Hodges drew the money for David and Eliza. John kept the money so it’s hard to tell if George ever got it. Another affidavit gave names of six different families that were not receiving the leased district payments. Two names, a mother and her daughter had already passed away.