Anderson, Francis Margaret “Maggie”

Francis Margaret Anderson “Maggie”

Maggie had many interests in her life, she spoke fluent Choctaw. She had a great respect for her native culture. She never denied or devalued her Indian ways.
She loved her family and friends very dearly. She had a great desire to learn and attended classes any time she had the opportunity, from home economics through the Oklahoma Extended Courses in her early years to general classes through a junior college in California in her later years.
Maggie was always guided by her strong faith in the Lord. She was baptized a Presbyterian as a child. However, she said she had worshipped in ay housed of the Lord. She often would hum her favorite song, “What a friend we have in Jesus.”
Maggie and Robert (Bob) relocated to California in 1944 for the hopes of better economic opportunities. Maggie visited Oklahoma whenever she was able and always considered Yanush, Oklahoma her home. She died May 4, 1987 and was buried at Sunrise Cemetery in Fortuna, California. Norton Joseph Anderson Norton’s date and place of birth are unknown however, it is stated that in 1896 per the Chickasaw Nation roll, that he was twenty-five years of age. Norton was originally registered as a member of the Chickasaw Nation, however, he was transferred to the Choctaw rolls because he was residing within the boundaries of the Choctaw Nation. His transfer to the Choctaw Roll was not uncommon, this was to ensure that families would remain intact through the allotment process. Norton’s parents were Bartlett and Elsie Anderson. They were listed on the Chickasaw rolls. Bartlett was listed as dead in 1896. At some point Elsie was also transferred fro the Chickasaw tolls to the Choctaw rolls because she too resided within the Choctaw Nation boundaries. Norton married twice. His first wif was Mary Peter Jackson and his second wife was Lillie Potts Nowabbi. Norton married Mary Peter Jackson on September 1, 1898 by Peter J Hudson. The marriage was recorded in the office of the Clerk in the United States District. Norton and Mary resided in Anderson Creek area – Yanush, Indian Territory. Noton and Mary had seven children: Frances Margaret Flora Lejah Elijah Bessie
Lou Gilbert J Infant that died at or around his birth Francis, Flora, Lejah and Bessie were original enrollee of the Choctaw Nation. Flora’s enrollment was cancelled after her death in 1902. Bessie and Lou died in he flu epidemic o 1918 and were buried in a double coffin at the Cupco Cemetery. Lou’s full name or age is not recorded. Mary died in 1909 from complications of childbirth. Mary and the baby were buried on “the home place” at Anderson Creek. After Mary’s death, Francis Margaret, known s Maggie hd t stop attending Tuskahoma femal Academy in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma to attend her younger siblings. Norton owned or was one of the owners of the Yanush store and post office.
Norton later remarried Lillie Potts Nowabbi and had a second family. Norton died in 1920’s.