Anderson, Elsie or Elsey

Elsie or Elsey Anderson

Her family name is unknown, Her married name is Elsie Anderson.

Elsie’s date and birth place are unknown. Her father was Ay Ko Ches. Ay Ko Ches was listed on the Chickasaw Rolls. Her mother’s name was not listed.

Elsie was originally registered as a full blood Chickasaw. He name appears as Elsie Anderson on 1933 Chickasaw Maytubby Pay Roll. However, she was transferred to the Choctaw Roll during the Dawes Commission because she was residing within the boundaries of the Choctaw Nation. She was registered in Jacks Fork, County.

Elsie married Bartlett Anderson, also a Chickasaw. Elsie and Bartlett had two children. On the Chickasaw Nation Roll of 1896, Bartlett is recorded dead, Elsie as 60 years of age, Norton as 25 and Missie as 17.

Elsie Anderson died on January 29, 1902. Norton Anderson was appointed the administrator of her estate.