Anderson, Alice

Alice Anderson

Married name, First Husband: Alice Nix (dates unknown)

Second husband: Strother Lawrence Ferguson, from 1929 until his death in 1980. Date of birth 1892. Place of birth probably Sardis, Oklahoma.

Parents Ellis and Susan Bohanan, original enrollees. Sisters Emma Anderson James, original enrollee, Nona Anderson Saul, original enrollee, half brother Wesley Bohanan, original enrollee, born 1895, half-sister Matilda Bohanan, original enrollee.

Attended Tuskahoma Academy, 1908 and Haskell Institute from August 13, 1910 to June 30, 1916.

Worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Muskogee, Oklahoma from 1919 to 1957.

Active in the Dacotah Indian Club in Muskogee as long as she was in good health. (Raised her nephew, Wesley LeRoy Ramey after the death of his mother, Matilda Bohanan Rampey).