Allen, Lloyd Levi

Lloyd Levi Allen

Lloyd Levi Allen was born January 14, 1903 at Creek Oklahoma. His moher was Lou lla Keefer Allen. His father was John Kidd Allen. They were originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Lloyd was the oldest of eight children. He had three sisters and four brothers, which none were original enrollee:
Ida Allen Randolph 1906-D
Irene Allen Allred 1907-D
Mark Allen 1908-D
Era Allen Cook 1911-L
Ira Allen 1911-D
Paul Allen 1913-D
James Allen 1914-L

Lloyd attended school through the fourth or sixth grade, but the location is not known. He quit school to help his family on the farm. He did not talk about his childhood at all. Both his parents died when he was very young.

Lloyd met Ida when he visited his sister that lived on Catalina Island, California. A short time later, in 1936, they married in Yuma, Arizona. At that time, Lloyd was 33 years old and Ida was 23 years old and Ida was 23 years old.

Lloyd and Ida Williams had a hard time getting a marriage license in California because she was a white woman. They went to Yuma, Arizona and had no problems getting married.

Lloyd opened his own mattress factory on Catalina Island. A few years later, he decided to give up his business and go into construction. Due to this, they moved every year to different towns in California, Arizona and Washington.

Lloyd retired in the 1970’s from construction. He continued to work at a car wash in Casa Grande, Arizona. He later moved to Hemet, California and lived there for 15 years. While he lived there, he had to have his leg amputated due to medical problems.

They had two children, Lois Lorraine Allen Sanders born May 19, 1938 and Lois Lorraine Allen Wilson, born December 5, 1939.

Grandchildren (3):
Deanna Hess 09-15-60
Buddy Wilson 06-22-64
Jeff Sanders 09-11-62

Great grandchildren (7):
Trevor Hess 07-05-85
Kevin Hess 11-11-89
Jeffrey Hess 06-21-91
William Hess 06-06-93
Marcus Hess 02-22-94
Kimberly Sanders 12-06-86
Jackory Sanders 04-14-87

Lloyd worked as a mattress maker ad a heavy duty mechanic. As a hobby he loved to cook, can and make jams and jellies.

Information submitted by daughter of Lloyd Levi Allen, Lois Sanders of Casa Grande, Arizona. Lois said she loved her father very much and that he was a good father.

On December 18, 1988 Lloyd suffered blood clot to the brain and passed away at the age of 85. Lloyd and Ida had gone to visit their daughter Lois in Phoenix, Arizona.