Airington, James (Jim) Dru

James (Jim) Dru Airington
Submitted by: Wanda Scribner, oldest granddaughter.

James Dru Aiington is an original enrollee. He was born 7-18-1886 and died 5-12-1976. He married Ada Standley 3-8-1907, she was Cherokee, born 7-7-1982 and died 6-3-1973.

“Papa”, everyone called him Papa, grandkids, in-laws and all others. He came to the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory as a small child, later meeting and marrying my grandmother, Ada, who came to Indian Territory from Texas, also as a small child. She often told us how she and her family came through the Galveston flood in 1900.

Papa farmed cotton in his early years, on his 160 acres allotment. I remember as a young child, the hog killing days and grandma would can sausage in fruit jars. I remember the lye soap days too.

Papa and grandma had 13 children but only raised 5. My mother Addie Arterbury, oldest of the five, died 12-24-1994. J.D. Airington; Stanley Airington; Vernie Airington and Lucille Pursley. These were the five that lived to adulthood. The other eight children died of the Bad Flu, call influenza, cholera and typhoid fever. There were two times they were left without any children at all. Papa finally had to sell his land to pay medical bills and to care for the rest of hi family. Later, grandma and Papa moved to Chickasha, OK, where he went to work for the Grady county Sheriff, DeArthur Wilson. He worked prisioners on road and bridge building gangs. Then he later went to work for the electric high line and finally retired in Chickasha.