Ada Virgina (Denton) Gore-Wallis-Atkins

Ada Virginia (Denton) Gore-Wallis-Atkins

Submitted by: Ada Ramona (Williams) Pinson, granddaughter

“Just Tell Me One More Time”

Grandma, wish you were here so you could tell me what it was you said about John Riddle and the Butterfield Express. What was it you said John was? Your grandfather or your great grandfather? How many children did he have? Gee, I just can’t remember. How were the Pitchlynn and Folsom kin? On whose side? Could it have been your mother’s? Oh yeah, speaking of your mother—You didn’t mention her very much. Where is she buried? Gee, I wish I knew. The records they kept back then, for some of us, just don’t exist anymore.

Sure wish you would have come to Bristow for your final rest like we wanted. You’d always say, “Luttie’s where I want to be buried.” I didn’t understand, but now that I’m searching for my family, I understand. It’s hard to do without you—without parents or any aunts or uncles. Where do I go? Who do I ask? Just tell me one more time Grandma. I promise this time I’ll listen.

This was written in memory of Ada Virginia (Denton) Wallis-Atkins of Wilburton, Oklahoma. She died in October of 1973.

Ada Virginia (Denton) Gore-Wallis-Atkins was an original enrollee, born to John Denton and Mattie Eve (Cooper) Denton. She was born in the Wilburton area in June 1892 and died in October of 1973 in McAlester, Oklahoma hospital and is buried in the Lutie Cemetery east of Wilburton.

I’m writing this in her honor. She was very proud of her Choctaw heritage. The hard time her grandparents had before her, to survive made her that much more proud—the hardship of the removal from Mississippi to Indian Territory. The Civil War—just to survive was a task. Her great grandmother, Eve (Folsom) Pitchlynn Riddle and John Riddle, her great grandfather, are the ones that traveled to the Indian Territory during the removal, to settle at Lutie, east of Wilburton and to later help with the Butterfield Express and help Jones raise their third child. Sarah Ann (Riddle) married a Jones (first name unknown) and then to Steven Cooper. Their daughter, Mattie Eve (Cooper) Denton was Ada’s mother.

Mattie Eve married John Denton and John was married before. His first wife was Johnnie Chapin and they had four children before Johnnie died. They were: Mattie, Nancy, James, and Willie Denton. Mattie Eve Cooper and Johnnie were first cousins. John and Mattie had three children: Ada, John, and Emma Denton.

Ada Virginia married a William Gore and they had one daughter, Sadie Gore. Then, Ada married William Wallis and they had four children. They were: Floyd, Jim E., Toni, Pearl Mattie Wallis Waston Williams. She is my mother. She married Eddie Waston and they had one daughter, Wanda M. Waston. Eddie died when Wanda was nine months old. Then Pearl married Robert W. Williams and they had five children. They were: Roberta J. Williams, born 04-23-1941; Richard B. Williams, born 02-09-1943; Ronald J. Williams, born 04-23-1944; Ada Ramona (Williams) Pinson, born 04-22-1947; and Patti K. (Williams) Williams, born 06-07-1949.

Roberta J. Williams, her sister Wanda M. (Waston) Joyce and her mother, Pearl Mattie Waston-Williams were all killed in a car-train accident on 04-01-1959. Wanda’s husband, Roger Dwayne Joyce died three days later. The only survivor was Jim Joyce, the nine-month-old son of Wanda and R.D. Joyce.

Richard Burns married twice but has no children. Ronald Jim married three times and has three children: Bruce Wayne Williams, Tonya Renee (Williams) Dripps and Tallo D. Williams.

Ada Romona (Williams) Pinson married Leon Pinson and has three children. They are: Robby Wayne Pinson, born 10-10-1962 and has two children, Megan P and Heather Ann Pinson; P. Renee Pinson, born 08-16-1964 and has two children, Brooke N. and Courtney L Cassidy; and Ralena Lynn Pinson has one daughter, Savanna Renee Gantz.

Patti K. Williams married Robert P Williams and they have two children, Andrea R. and Kristen Rae Williams.

Sarah Ann Riddle, mother to Mattie Eve Cooper, was a daughter to John Riddle and Eve (Folsom) Pitchlynn-Riddle. They were removed from Mississippi on the “Trail of Tears”. Eve Folsom’s first husband was Joseph William Pitchlynn, a brother of Peter Pitchlynn. They had one son and he died after the birth of their son. His name was Boykin Pitchlynn so Sarah was a half-sister of W.B. Pitchlynn. Then she married John Riddle.

Mattie Eve (Cooper) Denton, Ada Virginia (Denton) Wallis, John Denton, Emmie Denton, James L. Denton, Nancy Denton, James and Nancy were step-siblings to John and Emmie.