Aaron, Harriet (Taylor)

Harriett (Taylor) Aaron

Submitted by: Mrs. Eliza A. Caldwell, daughter

Harriet (Taylor) Aaron, a full blood Choctaw, was born near Doaksville, I.T. which is now Ft. Towson, Ok. on 9-3-1891. She died 2-1-1953.

Her parents were John, Jr. and Eliza (Christie) Taylor. They all had roll numbers. Enrolled brothers and sisters of Harriet: Levi Taylor, Roberson Taylor, Jiney Elaposhabbi, born 9-3-1903 and died in 1957. Her N.B. Roll number is unknown. John Taylor III was not enrolled. He died in 1951 at the age of 42.

Harriet’s husband was Moses Aaron, full blood Choctaw. He died overseas in World War I in 1918. He was buried near Ft. Towson. Moses’s parents were Johnson and Sarah McKinney) Aaron. They were enrolled, also.

Moses and Harriet were the parents of Eliza (Aaron) Caldwell. She was born in Ft. Towson, Ok. on 7-25-1917. Eliza had no living brothers or sisters. The grandchildren are Cecil S. Caldwell, Alice Marie Bishop, Milton Caldwell and Herbert A. Caldwell.