Faculty and Residents


Robert King, M.D., Program Director                                


Vu Ngo, D.O., Associate Program Director

Vu Ngo, D.O.







Jason Hill, D.O., Director of Medical Education

Jason Hill, D.O.







Larry Ellis, Jr., D.O., Director of Osteopathic Education

Larry Ellis, D.O.







Ashton Clayborn, D.O., Core Faculty

Ashton Clayborn, D.O.







Tracy Sanford, D.O., Core Faculty


Jason Regan, D.O., Didactics Director

Jason Regan, D.O.







Dee Baughman, D.O., Didactics Director

Dee Baughman, D.O.







Kimberly Brock, Program Coordinator

Kimberly Brock, Program Coordinator



Laura Sanford, D.O., PGY-3

Chief Resident

Laura Sanford, DO-PGY2

Quinton Tieu, D.O., PGY-3

Quinton Tieu, DO-PGY2

Hao Yang, D.O., PGY-2

Hao Yang, DO-PGY1

Tammy Tandberg, D.O., PGY-2

Tammy Tandberg, DO-PGY1

Nikki Eagle Road, D.O., PGY-1


Mitchell Sanford, D.O., PGY-1


Joshua Lowe, D.O., PGY-1