Choctaw Child Care Assistance Parents


The Child Care Assistance Program is funded by a federal grant through the Department of Health & Human Services and Administration for Children and Families.  Certain requirements of the Child Care Program are necessary because of the federal regulations of the funding source.  None of the funds used for day care assistance are tribal monies.  These requirements are described in detail here in the Parents section of our Web site. 

Download the Parent and Licensed Provider Handbook

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Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this program: 

  • The child must be under the age of 13 years.
  • The child must be eligible for enrollment, or an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian tribe, or a child who resides with an Indian family, or attached to an Indian family by birth, adoption, custody or guardianship with or without appropriate documentation.  The Indian family must include one parent/guardian who is eligible for membership, or an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian tribe. 
  • The child must reside within the boundaries of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma service area.  
  • Both parents must be working, in training, or attending an education program.
  • And must meet income guidelines based on family size and income.

Application Process

Families must first complete an application for Child Care Assistance so that eligibility may be determined.  Applications may be picked up at our tribal office in Durant, at one of the county field offices.  We can mail one to your home, or you can download and print out an application here.  The application process requires a number of steps.   

CLICK HERE to download and print the Child Care Assistance Application

1.    Copies of the following must be included with the application:

  •        Child’s CDIB (Certificate Degree of Indian Blood)
  •        Child’s Social Security Card
  •        Child’s Current Immunization Record
  •        State Birth Certificate for all children in household
  •        Income verification and one month’s check stub of each parent
  •        Self Employment Form (if applicable)
  •        Any other income received
  •        Current Class Schedule (if applicable)
  •        Divorce Decree or Affidavit of Separation
  •        Utility Bill (electric, gas, or water). If living at someone else’s residence, 
  •        provide a statement from that person stating you reside with them.

2.    Child Care Assistance can only be provided during the time that you are working, in training, or in class (lab time included), 
        and the travel time to and from the child care facility.  Assistance is not provided while you shop or run errands, etc. 

3.    A sliding fee scale based on income and family size will be used to determine eligibility.

4.    Income will be determined using the gross monthly income of the household.

5.     Proof of household income will be based on the following:

         a.     Parent’s/guardian’s income (those residing in household)
         b.     Current months pay stubs and Income Verification form
         c.     Child or spousal support
         d.     TANF total requirement
         e.     College Work Study
          f.     Social Security Payments
         g.     Other income (rent, stipends, taxable retirements, work study, bonuses, etc.)

6.    Self-employed parents/guardians are required to

        a.     Submit a Schedule C/Profit/Loss tax statement for the previous year and a completed self-employment form. 
                The self-employment forms are available in the Child Care Assistance office.
        b.     New business owners that have not filed for their previous year’s Profit and Loss will be required to submit 
                a tax projection from their accountant.  

7.    $250.00 will be deducted for each working parent for job related expenses, unless self-employed.

8.    “Household Unit” will be considered the child(ren), parents, and significant others.

9.    A birth certificate is required for each child listed on the household member list whether requesting child care or not.

10.    Proof of Residence:  A utility bill (electric, gas or water only) with the parent/guardian name and street address is required.  
         If the utility bill is in someone else-s name, that person must write a letter or note stating that you reside at their residence.
         Changes in address must be reported to our office immediately.

11.    Parents that are attending high school must submit their class schedule or a letter, on school letterhead, from 
         an authorized   representative, stating they attend school regularly.

12.    All Indian children or a parent/guardian must be eligible or enrolled in a federally recognized Tribe.  If the child 
          is not enrolled, the parent/guardian must apply, or enroll within six (6) months of participation on the Program.  
         We will accept a copy of the parents/guardian CDIB for six months.

13.    Applications will not be processed until all documents required are received by our office.  Incomplete applications 
          will be placed in the incomplete file and an Incomplete Notice will be mailed to the parent.  If the missing documents 
         are not received within 30 days, you will receive an Ineligible Notice.  Child care assistance will not be approved and 
         the parent/guardian will be responsible for payment to their provider.

14.    If a family is determined eligible for assistance, the parent/guardian and the caregiver/provider will be notified by 
         phone and by mail usually within three (3) days.

15.    If the Caregiver/Provider chosen is not currently contracting with the Choctaw Nation CCA office, an application 
          will be sent to the provider and a site visit done by our office before any payments can be made to them for your 
         child’s care.  

16.    Parents/Guardians will be responsible for payment of their co-pay (if required) to the provider, and also for the full 
         payment if the day are expense is less than the co-payment.  Parents should make every effort to make timely 
         payments to their providers.

17.    Once a child has been approved for the Child Care Assistance Program, it is the responsibility of the 
          parent/guardian to inform our office of any status changes in (1) income (2) employment (3) residence 
         (4) class schedule (5) provider (6) or any other status changes, along with all necessary documents, within 
         30 days.  If notification is not received within 30 days your child(ren) can be terminated from the Program and 
        you will be responsible for full payment of your child care expense.  If terminated, you will need to reapply for eligibility.

18.    Change of Caregiver/Provider:  A Written request must be submitted to our office providing the name of the 
          previous provider, the last day the child was there, the date the child will start with the new provider.  The request 
          will need to be signed and dated by the parent and must be submitted to our office within 30 days.

Parent Agreement

This Parent Agreement form must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the Child Care Assistance office to verify that the parent/guardian agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the Child Care Assistance Program as set forth below.   

CLICK HERE to download and print the Parent Agreement.

1.    I will receive child care assistance only during the time that I am working, in training, or attending class/lab.

2.    I will provide my child care caregiver/provider with my day time phone number as well as other emergency 
       contact phone numbers.

3.    I will never sign a blank attendance form.

4.    I understand and will inform my caregiver/provider that if I request additional child care services, I 
       will pay for any additional services.

5.    I will notify the Child Care Assistance office in writing of any changes on my application.  This will include, but 
       is not limited to, changes in my address, telephone number, and income.  I understand that I have thirty (30) days 
       to report changes or my child(ren) will be terminated from the program, and I will be responsible to pay the provider.

6.    If I change caregivers/providers, I will notify the CCA office within (30) days.

7.    I will submit all income that is received.

8.    I understand that my child (ren)’s file must be considered active in order for assistance to be paid.

9.    I understand that if my child (ren)’s file is inactive, I am financially responsible for my child care services, and 
       that the CCA program will not back pay.

10.    I understand that the co-payment amount is the dollar amount that I must pay per eligible child to the 
         caregiver/provider each month.

11.    I understand that I am responsible for payment to the caregiver/provider if my bill is less than the co-payment.

12.    I understand that if any fraud is committed, I will repay the amount of money in question to the CCA office 
         and be unable to participate in the child care program for a period of one (1) year.  If monies are not 
         repaid, I will be subject to prosecution.

13.    I understand that I will be required to complete a new application if I am terminated and wish to participate again.

14.    I understand that my child is not approved for the CCA program until I receive notification from the CCA office.

15.    I understand that I will need to recertify in twelve (12) months to continue my assistance.


Every twelve months parents are required to recertify to determine if they are still eligible for assistance based on the information that is submitted to our office.  Failure to submit the requested information in a timely manner will result in termination from the program, and a new application would need to be completed, and eligibility determined.   

Recertification Notices are mailed to parents/guardians  6 weeks prior to the deadline for recertification detailing the information and documents required to re-determine eligibility.

Two Types of Caregiver Providers

There are two categories of providers that may participate in the Choctaw Nation Child Care Assistance Program.  They are:

1.  Licensed Providers

 Licensed providers have been issued a license to operate a day care center or home by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services such as:

Center of 13 children or more

Home of 7 or less children

Large family home or group home of 8-12 children

If the family has five (5) or more children on the program, in-home care.

2.  Non-licensed or relative providers

Child Care Assistance encourages all non licensed providers to consider  
licensure through Oklahoma Department of Health & Human Services.  However, federal law allows providers who 
are 18 years or older to provide child care services to children who are related to them by marriage, blood relationship, 
or court decree, the grandchild, great-grandchild, niece, great-niece, nephew, great-nephew, or sibling of such provider, 
and if provider complies with applicable requirements.  Such provider must live in a separate residence.  Relative 
providers will be given a special handbook describing the requirements for a non-licensed facility.

Monitoring of Providers Homes and Centers

The Child Care Assistance Program monitors all caregivers participating in our program.  An unannounced site visit will be conducted at the home or center of the provider to ensure all applicable requirements are met.  Written reports of licensed facilities are forwarded to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Reports of non-licensed facilities remain on file in our office.

Early Steps to Literacy Program

Due to your participation in the Choctaw Nation Child Care Assistance, you are approved for the CCA’s new Early Steps to Literacy Program if you reside in Choctaw or McCurtain County!  This new program is designed to enhance the experience of parents and children sharing books at home.  It encourages families to make reading together a valuable family activity and the opportunity to build home libraries.    

Each week an educator will bring your family a FREE book and activity card.  FREE BOOKS, can you believe it!  The activities are simple and fun, using objects you can find around your home.  This education program is FREE to eligible families with children under the age of 6.  

To sign up or ask questions contact Rhonda Vaught at 580-775-3869.

Parent Handbook

CLICK HERE to download and print the licensed provider and parent handbook.

 Tribal County Offices

Tribal Headquarters
1802 Chukka Hina ~ P.O. Box 1210
Durant, Ok 74702
(580) 924-8280 or (800) 522-6170

Atoka County
Atoka Field Office
1410 S. Gin Rd. ~ P.O. Box 87
Atoka, OK 74525
Phone: (580) 889-6147
Fax: (580) 889-6147

Bryan County
Choctaw Nation Tribal Headquarters
Chukka Hina ~ P.O. Box 1210
Durant, OK 74702
Phone: (580) 924-8280
Toll Free: 1-800-522-6170

Choctaw County
Hugo Field Office

219 N. Broadway ~ P.O. Box 86
Hugo, OK 74743
Phone: (580) 326-7551
Fax: (580) 326-6663

Coal County
Coalgate Field Office

103 E. California
Coalgate, OK 74538
Phone: (580) 927-3641
Fax: (580) 927-3976

Haskell County
Stigler Field Office

2208 E. Main ~ P.O. Box 189
Stigler, OK 74462
Phone: (918) 967-2398
Fax: (918) 967-5190

Latimer County
Wilburton Field Office

515 Center Point Rd.
Wilburton, OK 74578
Phone: (918) 465-2389
Fax: (918) 465-1599

Leflore County
Talihina Field Office

201 Dallas St.
Talihina, OK 74571    
Phone: (918) 567-2106
Fax: (918) 567-2106

Spiro Field Office
19400 AES Rd. ~ P.O. Box 187
Spiro, OK 74959
Phone: (918) 962-3832
Fax: (918) 962-3871

Poteau Field Office
Dale Cox Community Center 208 B St. ~ P.O. Box 793
Poteau, OK 74953
Phone: (918) 647-9324
Fax: (918) 649-3425

McCurtain County
Bethel Field Office    
144 County Rd. ~ P.O. Box 131    
Bethel, OK 74724    
Phone: (580) 241-5637
Fax: (580) 241-5413    

Broken Bow Field Office
Family Investment Center
210 Chahta Rd. ~ P.O. Box 207
Broken Bow, OK 74728
Phone: (580) 584-6372
Fax: (580) 584-3684

Idabel Field Office    
2408 E. Lincoln Rd. ~ P.O. Box 1844    
Idabel, OK 74745    
Phone: (580) 286-6116
Fax: (580) 286-9293    

Wright City Field Office
~ P.O. Box 789
Wright City, OK 74776
Phone: (580) 981-7011

Smithville Field Office
HC 15, Box 72 ~ P.O. Box 369
Smithville, OK 74957
Phone: (580) 244-3289
Fax: (580) 244-3347

Pittsburg County
McAlester Field Office  
1632 S. George Nigh Expressway    
McAlester, OK 74501    
Phone: (918) 423-1016
Fax: (918) 423-1089    

Crowder Field Office
~ P.O. Box 115
Crowder, OK 74430
Phone: (918) 334-5344

Pushmataha County
Antlers Field Office

400 1/2 S.W. O St. ~ P.O. Box 192
Antlers, OK 74523
Phone: (580) 298-5501

What is Fraud?

Fraud. In the event that fraud occurs and is substantiated, the participant will be terminated for one year, and until the dollar amount has been repaid to the Program. A re-payment agreement can be arranged by the parties. If the re-payment agreement is not maintained and payment has not been received within 60 days then further legal action may be required. Defrauding a Federal Grant Program is subject to Federal prosecution and potential jail time.