Child Care Licensed Provider

Licensed providers have been issued a license to operate a day care center or home by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services such as:

(a) center of 13 children or more
(b) home of 7 or less children 
(c) large family home or group home of 8-12 children 
(d) if the family has five (5) or more children on the program, in-home care.  

CLICK HERE to download and print the Parent and Licensed Provider Handbook

We hope this booklet will be helpful to you while caring for children.  If  we can be of service to you, please feel free to call or come by our office.

How Do I Contract With The Choctaw Nation?

Licensed Provider Application

Once a parent/guardian whose child(ren) is determined eligible for assistance from our program and they request you care for that child(ren) in your home or center, you will receive the following documents to complete and return to our office:

1.    Application for Licensed Provider
2.    Contract
3.    Caregiver/Provider Agreement
4.    Submit copy of your State license from DHS
5.    W-9 form

Pending Provider Applications

An incomplete application will be placed in a pending file until all required documents are received by our office.  A Pending Notice will be mailed to the provider and to the parents to notify that no day care payments will be made by our office during the provider’s pending status.  If, after 30 days, the pending application packet is not complete, the provider and parents will be notified that day care assistance will not be provided.

Caregiver/Provider Claims Processing

Claims will be mailed to the providers about one week prior to the end of each month to commence the payment process for day care services.  Providers must submit the following forms to the Child Care Assistance office for payment for services:

Monthly Day Care Claims Cover Sheet:  The cover sheet is a summary of the month’s claims for the care of eligible children.  This form must be completed signed and submitted by the Provider.

Day Care Claims:  A claim for each eligible and approved child, along with the month’s sign-in sheet for that child, must be completed by the provider and signed by the parent/guardian.

Due Date:  Claims should be submitted during the month after the day care service is rendered.

When will payment be received:  We cannot guarantee an exact date for payment.  However, if completed claims are received in our office by the fifth (5th) of the month, then usually you may expect your check for services by the 15th of the month.  Holidays or incomplete claims may delay payment.  Claims received after the 5th of the month will be processed as soon as possible, with no guaranteed payment date.

Parent’s Co-Payments

Based on the parents/guardians income, they may be required to pay a co-payment to the provider for a portion of their child care expense.  While the Child Care Assistance office encourages parents to make timely payments to their providers, we feel this is the responsibility of the parent and a business decision of the provider if payments are allowed to become delinquent.  Therefore, our office will not assist in the collection of outstanding debts for the provider.

Sheet Policy

Parents are required to sign their children in and out daily at the provider’s home or center, and providers should check daily to ensure this is done.  Our monitoring workers perform unannounced visits to the providers to check sign-in sheets and will document any violation of this policy.  If your facility is found to be in non-compliance of the sign-in sheet policy, the first occurrence will be documented.  If your facility is found to be in non-compliance the second time, your facility will be terminated from the Program.

Licensed Provider Handbook

Click here to download and print the Parent and Licensed Provider Handbook

Monitoring of Providers Homes and Centers

The Child Care Assistance Program monitors all caregivers participating in our program.  An unannounced site visit will be conducted at the home or center of the provider to ensure all applicable requirements are met.  Written reports of licensed facilities are forwarded to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Reports of non-licensed facilities remain on file in our office.

What is Fraud?


Fraud. In the event that fraud occurs and is substantiated, the participant will be terminated for one year, and until the dollar amount has been repaid to the Program. A re-payment agreement can be arranged by the parties. If the re-payment agreement is not maintained and payment has not been received within 60 days then further legal action may be required. Defrauding a Federal Grant Program is subject to Federal prosecution and potential jail time.