A key associate is given a temporary (blue) gaming license when they complete their gaming license application and before they report to work.  By law, the Choctaw Nation Gaming Commission has 60 days to complete an employee investigation and submit their findings to the NIGC for concurrence.  It is the associate’s responsibility to return all necessary information to the Choctaw Nation Gaming Commission immediately upon request in order for their investigation to be completed in a timely manner.  Once the NIGC concurs with the issuance of a gaming license, the employee will be issued a permanent (white) gaming license that is valid for two years.  It is also the associate’s responsibility to:

  • Report any new criminal charges to the Gaming Commission while employed
  • Ensure that their Gaming License is updated with the correct last name, job title and department 

Employee’s Gaming License may be suspended for the following reasons:

  • They have an outstanding warrant for their arrest
  • They failed to turn in the necessary paperwork to complete their background investigation
  • They have new criminal charges
  • They are under criminal or internal investigation
  • They fail to pick up their updated gaming license

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