Choctaw Country

Tourism is a vital economic driver for the state of Oklahoma and has a broad impact on Southeast Oklahoma and its residents. In 2014, Oklahoma tourism contributed over $8.9 billion in direct travel spending and supported more than 95,000 jobs, and as such is a major contributor to the state economy.

The Choctaw Nation Tourism Department strives to promote a variety of attractions and events across the Choctaw Nation, known as Choctaw Country. Tourism partners with communities and other Choctaw Nation Departments to develop southeast Oklahoma and showcase the natural beauty of the area as well as the history and culture of the Choctaw people.

Made up of ten unique counties in southeastern Oklahoma, Choctaw Country is just a short drive from the region’s major metropolitan areas. Whether visitors are looking for an exciting outdoor adventure, a girls’ getaway, a family road trip or a peaceful weekend of relaxation, Choctaw Country is waiting to be explored!

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Choctaw Welcome Center

Just as you cross over into Oklahoma from Texas on Highway 69/75, stop in and say hello to our friends at the Choctaw Welcome Center. Explore the Choctaw Culture as you learn about the traditional hut and brush arbor out on the lawn. Then let our travel counselors help you plan your trip through Choctaw Country as you grab a cold drink and some snacks for the road.

Browse through the t-shirts, books and jewelry. Peruse the one of a kind, Choctaw-made and locally-made artisan items.


The Choctaw Store

No matter how far away from Oklahoma life takes you, shopping with the Choctaw Store is only a click away!

Shop online and browse through a selection of Choctaw-made jewelry, one of a kind items crafted by local Choctaw artists, a variety of apparel, Choctaw Nation and Oklahoma souvenir items and much more. Then have them delivered right to your front door!

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