Benefit Coordinators, Visiting Hours, & Closings

After you register for an appointment you may be referred to a Benefit Coordinator for one-on-one help with additional questions you might have regarding health insurance. These individuals have specialized knowledge in SoonerCare/Medicaid, Medicare, Veteran’s Health Benefits, the Affordable Care Act and insurance enrollment through the Marketplace and can also help with private insurance as well. A Benefit Coordinator can help you get all of the benefits you are entitled to such as:

• SoonerCare: assist with questions, enrollment or renewing your existing benefits.

• Medicare: questions on the four different parts of Medicare, enrollment in Part D (prescription drug coverage) or assistance with the Credible Coverage Letter, switching from a Medicare Advantage plan back to “traditional” Medicare, and help with Medicare supplemental insurance benefits.

• Veteran’s: former Military Service Members could be eligible for medical care as part of your VA benefits. We can assist with completing the necessary VA forms to see if you qualify for VA health benefits.

• Affordable Care Act/Marketplace: questions with the mandatory insurance law, looking at different insurance plans available through the Marketplace, providing insurance costs (some might qualify for FREE), and even enrolling into an affordable insurance plan. Benefit Coordinators can also explain the pitfalls of not having health insurance and the additional steps needed by Native Americans to prevent a health tax penalty when filing federal income tax returns.

Although Choctaw Nation Health Care Services will continue to provide excellent health care in our facilities, we do encourage everyone to visit with a Benefit Coordinator to learn more about insurance and the value of being insured, in the event of a medical emergency where you are away from an Indian health care facility or have a medical condition where you may need care from an outside medical provider.

Visiting Hours

Our policy is to protect the privacy of our patients and to provide a restful, healing environment while allowing patients the comfort of welcomed visitors. General visiting hours end at 9:00PM. For the safety and comfort of our patients, visitors are asked not to congregate in the hallways or wait in patient care areas. Children are welcome but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, who is not a patient, at all times. The nurse responsible for each patient’s care reserves the right to limit visitation based on the needs of that patient. Visitors who are non-compliant with the rules, are loud or disruptive or disturb the privacy and rest of patients will be asked to leave. Visitors are to check with a nurse before bringing food, beverages, medications or electrical appliances to a patient. The patient has the right to designate visitors of his/her choosing, if the patient has decision-making capacity whether or not the visitor is related by blood or marriage, unless; there are no visitors allowed or the presence of a particular visitor would endanger the health and safety of a patient, staff or other visitors.

Clinic and Health Care Center Closings

In inclement weather it is always best to call to make sure your clinic is open. You can call the clinic directly or call our hotline at (800) 522-6170 and choosing option 1 or call (800) 349-7026 and follow the prompts. Please note that all clinics (with the exception of inpatient areas and the emergency room in Talihina) are closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day (2018)- January 1 Veteran’s Day (2018)- November 12 President’s Day- Third Monday in February Thanksgiving- Fourth Thursday Good Friday- Friday before Easter & Friday in November Memorial Day- Last Monday in May Choctaw Day (2018)- December 14 Independence Day (2018)- July 4 Christmas (2018)- December 24 - 25 Labor Day- First Monday in September