Jana Barnes

Description of Art: I work in several mediums- painting canvas to painting clothing, revamping and painting furniture. I enjoy making Native American Lore as natural as possible, medicine bags, loom beading, jewelry, mosaics, and intuitive painting.

Artist Biography: I am an art major with other degrees as well, working in the art world, starting as self taught to getting a degree, working from my heart with painting and beading my way through college for extra income as a single mom.  I love exploring all mediums of art and just being creative. I enjoy taking memories and making some cool art and assisting others in their one of a kind art piece or jewelry. I never make anything the same and really don't have a set style in my painting; I just run with my mood at the time or what my customer requests.  I love colors; I love nature and love bringing found objects back to life.

P.O. Box 75

Krebs, OK 74554