Howard Wilson

My music weaves a pattern of haunting flute and acoustic guitar to edgy electric guitar, synch, bass and deep drums; interspersed through a fabric of lyrical reality that speaks of Southeast Oklahoma and touches the heart of Choctaw heritage, traditions and culture.

This solo concept work was written, arraigned, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Howard Wilson.

Artist Biography:

I was born on a vineyard/ranch in Northern California, and I continued to lived in Sonoma County for the first ten years of my life.

When we left California, my folks and I moved back to our eighty-acre farm, north of Wister Oklahoma. Our land was purchased from my grandmother and was once part of an allotment of another Choctaw ancestor. Growing up in Southeastern Oklahoma I became vary familiar with the towns, mountains, streams, and back roads of Choctaw Country; so much so that it got into my blood, my heart and soul. I believe those swirling memories have surfaced to see the light of day once again in the lyric of my music.

I had played in several bands starting in high school; (in the sixties) we would travel around and play dances.

I continued to live in Leflore County for thirty years, raised a family, where God blessed me with two wonderful daughters. After my mother passed and my girls were in high school; I went to Texas to work, I ended up staying and after I met my wife Renee, we were married and the Lord saw fit to bless her and I with another wonderful daughter.

After my youngest daughter was grown, I once again felt the strong the strong tug of music in my life and decided to write and record a twelve song work

called: Choctaw Country; on an album with so many subjects near and dear to my heart and my heritage it quickly became a work of love.

P.O. Box 962

Pittsburg,Texas 75686